Saturday, July 29, 2006

Incredible Week O'Mail.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

This past week has been amazing in the mail department.
We first got a package fromKatie, Lara A's sister. (whom I have never met) It had two scrapbooks to hold our photos of D.C. One is for Annie Kate and it is all put together! She had put awesome stickers and rick rac and paper galore. All Annie Kate has to do is paste in the photos. The other book was for our family. There is the awesome photo bracelet too, I love that thing! Thanks Katie that was so generous and thoughtful.

The second package was from Jill. The box was HUGE! She sent something to everyone in the family and even remembered Caroline's favorite chips. She sent Jeff a new book, which I know his Dad will strongly endorse. The great thing was the thoughtfulness for Annie Kate. She gave her some stationery to write some letters to friends she misses. She made 6 cards that day and was so excited to put them in the mail. Jill Thank you so much for our awesome package.

I have been excited about sending out good mail this week too and I after this week I need to pay it forward! I started sending out mailings for the Christmas swap, so for those of you who signed up look out for those and for those of you waiting to sign up you only have until the 10th. There are a few of you who I am waiting to hear from and you know who you are ... CP, LG, KG, EG, HL JZ, and many others... I am waiting or I will start stalking you with annoying emails!


Jill said...

I'm so glad you got the box I sent. I feel like I've been gathering things for awhile now and need to get them to you. I'm so glad Annie Kate liked the card stuff and made some for her friends. I know that was a life saver for me every time I moved. No wonder I still love stationery and correspondence so much. I also think it helped my penmanship tremendously.

The package from Katie looks mighty cute, what a good idea to give you a cute scrapbook for your D.C. stuff.

TX Girl said...

Such fun mail. Katie has been all over the board this week with good mail. The photo albums sound really cute. She is totally a scrapbooking superstar!

I love the package Jill sent as well- how fun to have her own personal stationary. Every girl needs stationary.

emily g. said...

So, you made it to Luketts! It is such a great place. The ferry ride is always the highlight for the kids. The shops make the moms happy. Did you also hit the outlets in Leesburg? Historic Leesburg is also great. There are a number of nice galleries and shops. I love Annie Kate's shirt--was that Nordstroms find?

michelle said...

Excellent mail. It's true that every girl needs stationery, and how cute that she is right on the correspondence! I can't believe Katie made a scrapbook for her -- what a labor of love.