Sunday, July 23, 2006

Today I taught Relief Society. (no calling yet just subbed)

It is the 4th Sunday so it is more of a discussion than a lesson. I typed an outline of the lesson and gave everyone a copy. ( idea: i then printed one for everyone in Primary and YW with a little note on top that said "We missed you in R.S. today) I think it really helped with the discussion since they knew what questions I would be asking. I went ahead and posted it in case you want to read it. It is a great talk by Elder Holland.

Broken Things to Mend
Ensign, May 2006
Jeffrey R. Holland

I tried to post my handout, but for some reason is is all jumbled. Anyway, it is a great talk that you can hit the link above to read.


Tasha said...

That is a great idea! I think it probably takes a lot of the anxiety away from the people listening to the lesson and they have a minute to reflect and give thoughtful answers. Great idea. I also love that you reached out to the sisters in primary and young womens. Its pretty isolating being in the other auxillaries and sometimes not the most spiritually uplifiting either. I love that you did that!

Jill said...

It was very nice of you to remember the primary and YW leaders too, I feel totally out of the loop now that I'm in primary. They give us the announcements each week on a little piece of paper so that's better than nothing, but I don't even know who teaches RS anymore.

I can't believe how quickly they've put you to work in your new ward. You've hardly been there a month and you've spoken in Sacrament Meeting and taught Relief Society wow.

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