Sunday, July 23, 2006

Happy Pioneer Day!
The above photo is one I have hanging in my home. It was given to me by Jeff's mother and it has a real special meaning to me. There was a sweet letter from her that was sent with the print that I have mounted on the back so I will never forget it. It is of a pioneer woman walking with her children holding a bag. It is a painting done by one of my favorite artists, Minerva Teichert.
n 1847, a group of Mormon pioneers, led by Brigham Young, headed out on a journey across the land with covered wagons and handcarts, determined to make a life in the west. They began the journey because they were suffering religious persecution where they were living in Nauvoo, Illinois. It is said that as Brigham Young gazed out on the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847, he proclaimed "This is the Place".

As a kid we used to have a parade in NM and dress like pioneers and have a parade downtown, (what must people have thought?) I remember me and Heather and Margaret H. riding our banana seat bikes as we got older.
Today we spent the day at the pool, we needed a break! My friend Paige came by for a dip as well. Then we had a pioneer Family Home Evening watching Legacy and having our own pioneer parade in the basement.
the taffy pull and making paper bonnets just did not happen, maybe next year.
Happy Pioneer day!


Elisa said...

Oh...I love Minervah. She did a huge mural in the Manti Temple that is amazing. I have always said when I get to decorate my own home (not rent) I will get a print of hers. Well, we own a townhome now, but with all the paiting and flooring I will have to be patitent a year or two more. That pioneer one is amazing. I love the colors.

Jill said...

How is possible that you have a personal connection to every single holiday INCLUDING Pioneer Day? It makes me feel like I grew up without much celebrating. Sheesh.

It's cool that you put Sharon's letter on the back of the picture so you can always have them together.

Dana said...

What a gorgeous picture! Can you find it at Deseret Book, do you think?

amy m said...

love the painting.

michelle said...

I have zero memories of Pioneer Day. My current ward usually does a primary parade and ward picnic, though. And we do a few fireworks at night.

Cristin said...

Love Minerva Teichert -- I've got two of her paintings hanging in my house!