Sunday, August 27, 2006

Blessings and Buses

tonight was a wonderful night before the first day of school. We did our annual "Daddy Daughter" blessings. I must say that it is amazing how silent Caroline became. I did not think she would sit still, but she did not move a muscle. Afterward she turned around and gave Jeff the biggest hug! Annie Kate was excited to get a blessing from her Dad, because I think she started feeling the nerves of the first day along with being new.

After the blessings we heard a strange noise at the door and believe it or not the "Magic School Bus" found our new home and dropped off a special surprise.

Annie Kate got a special box to hold all of her hair stuff {she is finally caring about what her hair looks like} along with her own shampoo, rubberbands, brushes etc. She also got the curling iron with three rods that makes your hair wavy (or look great like my friend Michelle's). She has been wanting one for a long time, amazing how the Magic School Bus knew that.

The girls each got new PJ tops (the bottoms are cut out but not finished yet, dang I can't do everything!) These were the ones I had ironed on their names on the back.

Annie Kate seems so brave tonight. Her prayers were sweet and praying for lots of new friends and praying for the ones she left behind (Glastonbury Gang she misses you!)

A new year begins! 2nd Grade here she comes!!


emily g. said...

We just finished our blessings, too. No "Magic School Bus," but we did pack up backpacks with all the new school supplies! Annie and Alex are excited for the new school year. Now I am off the make cinnamon rolls for our special "1st day of school" breakfast! Good luck Annie K!

Liz said...

We had a similar night last night too. No magic school bus though, I couldn't get that together in time. Hope Annie Kate had a great day!

Jordan said...

Very sweet. Such a wonderful tradition. We did the same growing up. My oldest is only 3, so we are starting preschool in a week, I love the magic school bus idea. I may steal it!

Kristi Brooke said...

jordan, steal away. I love seeing families start new traditions.

Jill said...

That gift of the container with all the hair stuff is so cute, what a great idea. I would have loved to get something like that ANY time throughout my childhood. Sheesh.

Kari Lynne said...

That is so fun. I always had one of those "special boxes" for all my hair stuff. They were called Caboodles. Are they still called that? My mom uses one for her makeup. Yep that's a lot of make up. I love how you did A.K.'s hair. She must have been the most fashionable one at school.

Tasha said...

Is that a Caboodle she is putting all of her hair things in? Remember those? They look like a tackle box, but its for your make-up, etc?

You have wonderful traditions! I seriously have a notebook that I write down all of these wonderful "momisms" I get from all of you. All I can figure is that the Lord had me wait to have Evie so I could watch all of you do it first. I have never known a better bunch of moms!

michelle said...

Amazing how that Magic School Bus knows just what she needs and wants! Amazing you for thinking it up and following through. I love it. I have never seen a curling iron like that. What will they think of next?