Monday, August 28, 2006

First day of second grade

Today was Annie Kate's first day of second grade. What a great day full of traditions and memories.

She of course woke up early, made her own lunch and breakfast. (not a often occurrence) We crimped her hair and ironed her clothes. I raced to get the kids in the stroller to walk to school (so nice to live so close) and a knock on the door with 6 kids wanting her to walk to school with them. Prayers have been answered. We had a large group of kids out front and the excitement was contagious. Caroline walked the whole way there holding Willy's hand. It was so cute!

Annie Kate seemed ok, not too nervous. We took the photos out back on the deck so she wouldn't be so embarrassed in front of the kids. I was the only mom who made her stand in front of the sign out front of the school.

We got to the front of the school and just kind of stood there. I got a little teary, she tried to be strong and I have her a big hug and a kiss on the lips. She wiped it off and said, "Mom!" She ran off into the school and then seconds later she was back again for another hug. Just like in the movies. Such a great memory!

I then went for a little walk and met up with some friends at Starbucks for a little "Boo Hoo Breakfast" (they both had boys in Kindergarten) Walked over to the craft store and then headed home. ( I was pleasantly surprised at my mileage. The Garmin has been out of juice so I didn't know how far the route, Jeff tracted out for me, was until today)

Annie came running out of her school right on time with a wonderful 7 year old grin. She said the day was good, a little lonely. She ate lunch by herself as well as being alone at recess. She said she didn't meet any new friends, but tomorrow she plans on telling everyone she is from Tennessee hoping that will increase her chances. (so funny)

We decorated the door and made cookies for her return home!

What a blessing it is to be a mom. I hope she has many wonderful fun memories as I did growing up about the beginning of school.

Here is a list of my elementary school teachers. How many of yours can you name?

  • Kindergarten Mrs. Paradise
  • First - Mrs. Tillman
  • Second - Mrs. Sumner
  • Third - Mrs. Watkins
  • Fourth - Mrs. Chalekian (best ever, I even sent her a wedding invite)
  • Fifth - Mrs. Rankin
  • Sixth - Mrs. Murray


Jana said...

The first day of school is always hard -- sometimes I think that it is just as hard on the mom worrying that your child will enjoy it.

Cute idea to decorate your door. I'm sure that made her feel so special.

I can name all of my elementary teachers and can remember a lot of what happened in each grade.

Jill said...

The pictures are so cute. I love it that Caroline walked the whole way while holding that little boy's hand. Annie Kate looks darling and so grown up. I love the idea of decorating the front door, I'll have to do that on Wednesday for Whitney.

I don't remember the name of my kindergarten teacher, weird.

amy m said...

sounds like a great first day. i also do the fresh cookies when they get home. it goes over very well. i enjoy looking at the photos.

heather said...

Ohhh- I am getting sad! Riley starts next Tuesday. I cannot believe you remember all your teachers like that. Of course, I remember Mrs. Rankin, who could forget...that year with us and those darn "best friend" t shirts you and Gina Lucero had. I still remember the "little elf man" poem we had to recite. Do you remember that? I will have to decorate the door and do cookies. We have the bus to deal with, and I am still uncertain if I will drive him or let him go! They have a boo hoo/yahoo tea at the school the first day for the parents.

Amanda said...

OK, I think I can name all my elementary school teachers...
K-Mrs. Truesdale
1-Mrs. Burradge
2-Mrs. Woods
3-Mrs. McCormick
4-Mr. Walker
5-Ms. Hogan (the best, she actually taught all six of us Whitehead kids)
6-Mr. Smida
7-Madame Belanger(I started a french immersion program this year)
8-Madame Paradis

Yeah, I remember them all!

Kari Lynne said...

On the first day of school the only thing we ever did was take a picture outside in front of my mom's flowers. I hope to have fun traditions like yours when Savannah starts school. I can remember all of my teachers. Coming from a small hometown, I saw them often even when I was in middle school and H.S.

Tasha said...

k-Mrs. Roqueni
1-Mrs Denison
2-Mrs Brammer
3. Mrs Allen (She married Mr Bear at Christmas, big scandall!)
5. Mrs. Weller
I can't believe I can't remmber 4th grade! I am going to have to do some searching!

I love how you altered that picture of her, and I love how she ran back to you for a second hug! I would have been crying my eyes out!

Anne said...

I had a Mrs. Watkins too, but for 6th.

K - Mrs. Mower
1 - Mrs. Walker
2 - (I can see her face in my head but I can't remember her name!!)
3 - Mrs. Osborne
4 - Mrs. Miner
5 -
6 - Mrs. Watkins and Mrs. Patterson

I had the coolest principal in elementary school, Mrs. Elhringer. I saw her when I was in college and she not only remembered my name but remembered, and asked about, my brothers by name. She was amazing!

I love your 1st day of school re-cap. It almost makes me wish I had a son or daughter to send off to school. :)

Bevan said...

k- Mrs. Orton
1- Mrs. Chavez
2- Ms. Barrajas/Mrs. Baca (she became Mrs. Baca because she got married. She had a baby one month later.)
3- Mrs. Converse (she had a baby at the end of the year too. Her dad's name was Mr. Buchanan and he came to class to tell us that being an engineer is fun of you like math and like to lay around all day long on a hammock.)
4- Mr. Walton (we called him baldy and no she-bears ever tired to eat us. He did not continue the tradition of giving birth at the end of the year.)
5- Mrs. Matthews (She told us a story about how she stood in line to vote for Walter Mondell even though Reagan had already gained re-election because she wanted her vote to count. I think of that story whenever I vote.)

amanda said...

My oldest starts second grade on Thursday!! My middle one starts first grade at the same school. I think it is cool that you take so many pictures!! I do the same thing! I can't believe you are the only mom doing it in front of the school, though!! You have great ideas Kristi. I can't wait to see the pics of the tee shirt for the pink Christmas. Oooh La la. A woman after my own tee-shirt making heart!!!!

Liz said...

You have such great traditions! I sure hope Annie Kate makes friends soon and doesn't have to eat alone, that makes me so sad for her!

Ok here are my teachers:
k: Mrs Baccas
1: Mrs Lee
2: Mrs Bouregard
3: Mr Meany (can't remember name but he was mean!)
4: Mr Smith
5: Miss Patterson & Mr S

amy w. said...

Can you believe I can't remember one dang teacher's name in elementary? I have the worst memory--so sad. My heart aches for Annie Kate, I cried when I read about you dropping her off. Eating lunch by herself was more than I could handle. I hope she finds someone to sit with today. Being new is so hard. I think its good for her to tell other kids she has just moved. I made sure to tell the teacher we had just moved so that she wasn't lost among the shuffle of "just kids from another class last year."

Jenny said...

Hope that she finds some lunch friends today! New schools, new houses, new friends are always so hard. I dread this when Taylor is going to do this in a couple of years. Yikes she will be in junior high.

I can name all of my elementary teachers and sadly all the boys I liked in each grade!

Cute photos.

stefanie said...

How exciting. Seeing Annie Kate growing up so fast sure makes me feel old!

K-Mrs. Miller
1-Mrs. OKeefe
2-Mrs. Studley
3-Mrs. Broadway
4-Mrs. Leach
5-Mrs. Bowman
6-Mrs. Hacker
7-Mrs. Patton
8-Mr. Bremer

Elisa said...

I love your enthusiasm! I get the greatest ideas from you..I hope I can remember them when the time comes.

Since Erik and Sarah usually had the same teachers as I did it's easy!
We were the Durrant Dragons and we wore red t-shirts on Fridays
Kin Mrs. Lessing very sweet
1. Mrs Marx ancient...gave us popcorn
2. Mrs Ireland seemed mean but was really nice
3. Mrs Roper was the core
4. Mrs Morley greatest teacher EVER!
5. Mrs Delling HORRIBLE year, this was the first teacher I ever had who did not like me. very tramatic. It didn't help that I was the only 5th grader wearing a bra.

Cristin said...

OHH!! I was able to take my 5 kiddos to MY KINDERGARTEN teacher's house a few summers ago...she was the BEST (one of my absolute favorites)!
When we got to her house she had dress-ups for my kiddos to play in...and tons of books out. (She let them each pick a book to take home). And get this, she served them COOKIES AND MILK! Talk about a walk down memory lane...
Even though she is in her winter years, she is still the perfect kindergarten teacher!!!!! I'm so glad my children got to meet Mrs. Allred....loved your post!

Heather said...

She looked beautiful for her first day of school! My heart ached for her when she had no one to seat with at lunch. I know how that felt...I can't remember many of my teachers because I was at a new school, new area...almost every year. It will get better for her and she will have a great year!

michelle said...

I cannot bear the thought of Annie Kate eating lunch alone and being alone at recess. I'm sure it won't last long, people will be drawn to her as they are to you, no doubt. But please please let it be very soon! That's too much to take.

I love that those kids came to walk to school with you and I can't even believe she ran back for another hug. That IS like a movie! My boys have never, ever, done that.