Wednesday, August 09, 2006

don't leave home without it.

Caroline (age 2) does not leave home without her purse.
  1. tiara from mimi
  2. homemade orange fleece scarf
  3. some set of keys, that we have no idea what they go to
  4. chuck e. cheese coin
  5. a old real cell phone of her grammy's
  6. 3 silk scarfs


sec said...

What fun that would be to see that. The bag must weigh almost as much as she does, and almost as big. It is so much fun to see the things that kids think are so important. She must see a bag that you are carrying and she thinks she is being so grown up and just like Mom. Would love to see a picture of her with her bag.

Anonymous said...

Why do kids do that? Mya is just starting and it is so funny to see her scramble to get her favorite things all loaded into her backpack before we head out. I should take a picture- thanks for the idea.

Dana said...

Sounds like we have a Princess Caroline in the making! ;P

What a cute little diva!

Elisa said...

I think Caroline and Miriam have a lot in common. They would be great friends or mortal enemies ha ha

TX Girl said...

Lulu is doing the same thing. Yesterday we went to the dr and she had 3 bags she had to take. She also took 3 pairs of sunglasses. Ahh- a girl after my own heart.

michelle said...

That is just the cutest thing! A girl's gotta have her essentials... My boys never did this. I'm thinking it must be a girly thing. I got Eva a little purse for her birthday, but so far she doesn't carry it around.

Liz said...

How cute! Hailey has a purse that she insists on carrying around alot as well. I love what Caroline has in her purse! So cute!

Heather said...

That is so adorable! Lindsey loves to carry her purse around too. The funniest part is that it has a small handle and she tries to put it on her shoulder. Her prized possessions lately have included a teacup(for those impromptu tea parties),sunglasses,a bangle braclet, and her dollar(a slip of colored paper).

Jill said...

I love it how little girls do this, it's so fun to see what they consider "must haves". It's great that you documented that. What's up with all the scarves?

Laurie said...

This cracks me up.

My little boy wants us to cart around his favorite blankets, stuffed animals and his plastic hard hat full of favorite toys, so it's good to hear I'm not the only parent lugging beloved odds and ends.