Wednesday, August 09, 2006

my favorite backpack.
. . . . . . . .

after posting about Caroline's purse that she carries everywhere, I thought about her church bag that i have been meaning to post about because I love it so much. I wish that she would use it everyday but she seems to like the patchwork bag better.
The above photo is Caroline's bag minus the name Adrienne on it. Hers obviously says "Caroline Benson" but I just took the photo off the website.
This backpack was one of the best purchases, I love it. It is small enough for her to carry and oh so cute.
You can order them from this great website, In this very room It is a great site and now added to my sidebar.
The Stephen Joseph bags make great gifts too!


TX Girl said...

It is so cute. Perfect for traveling.

Jenny said...

What a darling bag. I wish I would have seen something like that for Taylor's teacher last year. She LOVES frogs.

Jill said...

That backpack is unique and cute, do she carry that around too or is it just for church?

Laurie said...

Very cute. Thanks for sharing your fun ideas.

I read your Lands End suit, and was reminded how I like their suit selection. I was able to find a suit on there that I can actually wear, as I desperately need a new suit and have trouble finding one that fits. So thanks!!

becca said...

So cute!! I have been catching up and I must say that you do the most fun things with your girls!! I love the posts about the purse's because my girls are the same way!! Noelle stuffs her purse so full things spill out and she cries! It is a vicious cycle that she just doesn't seem to understand! So funny and so cute!!