Sunday, August 20, 2006

It must have appeared to someone at church that I was wearing this shirt today because someone said something so funny to me today.

As I was walking out the door of church this girl came up to me and said,
" I love to see that you wear skirts all the time"

Which if you see me any day of the week I am always wearing a skirt, but then I realized I was at church and everyone was wearing a skirt, so why was she saying this.
she continues.

"I just love seeing someone else with big calves wear skirts!"

So I walk away and say "oh thank you" and start laughing.
When we get in the car I tell Jeff about the story and see the girl walking away from the church and her calves seriously look like Yosemite Sam, WHAT I look like that!

are you kidding me! Where do these people come from.

When we were at the Smithsonian the other day, a lady grabbed our elevator before the door shut and said,
"I was in the bathroom with your daughter and she didn't wash her hands"
and then walked out of the elevator. I ask Annie Kate if she washed her hands and she said no. I told her please next time wash your hands so the hygiene police don't come after me again.

Are you someone who says things to strangers? or do you keep your comments to yourself?


Jill said...

What in the world? I can't believe people would say these things to you. I'm sure the lady at church thought she was complimenting you, but nothing like being outed as a big-calve kind of girl. (You really do look fabulous in skirts.)Weird.

As for the hand washing thing, I would have been disturbed about seeing a kid walk out of the bathroom without washing their hands, but I would NEVER say anything. That's shocking.

amy w. said...

That stuff bugs. They need to keep their opinions too themselves. I'm with Jill, I've seen you in a skirt--you look great. "Big Calves" has NEVER entered into my mind:)

Dana said...

People are funny, aren't they! It just makes me wonder what the heck do they do with their tiny little lives and think in their tiny little brains...LOLOLOL!!

Sorry you were accousted by stupid people. One of my biggest pet peeves EVAH!! :P

stefanie said...

It amazes me how many people there are in this world who have no social skills whatsoever. And to think you had run-ins with two of them in the same week.... scary!

Keep wearin' the skirts, too. You look fab-o!

chanel Palmer said...

Oh I am crying I am laughing so hard. I think you just have to realize that they have a "filter" problem to be so rude. You look awesome in a skirt. As for Annie Kate, she will probably never forget to wash her hands again.

Liz said...

Oh my word!! I can't even believe what comes out of people's mouths sometimes!! I say keep it to yourselves.... I wouldn't run after someone just to tattle to their mom that they didn't wash their hands! So embarrassing....besides, sometimes I think you can get more germs just by trying to wash your hands and then having to touch those dirty doors. Next time give her a wet wipe, that's what I do most of the time.

Anonymous said...

How odd. I talk to stangers on an elevator, but it is small talk and pleasant-ness- nothing like that. I think you look cute in skirts and I have honestly never thought of your calves.

Jenny said...

Its interesting to me to think that people can say stuff like that and not even know you!

I would never say something to anyone. I normally keep my opinions to my self much like Jill.

I guess that is what makes the world go round right? A woman came up to my neice in CA and tried to make small talk with her. She asked her about her shoes (which were crocs) and said how do you like them are they comfy? In which she replied yes, well good because they are sure UGLY! Kinda funny but sooo rude!

Angie said...

I am definatley not one to talk to strangers. I have a hard time felling comfortable enough around friends to speak what I feel. I can't believe people say these things to people they don't even know, or anyone for that matter.

Keep wearing the skirts. You aways look great in the pictures I've seen of you. As for as the handwashing thing, my middle daughter NEVER washes her hands so if I had the hygeine police watching out for her I would be getting an ear full constantly. I just keep antibacterial gel with us all of the time.

Maybe you could have pulled the lady in the elevator and given her a lesson on tattling or something. hehehe

heather said...

Oh my! I definitly keep my comments to myself. But I think a lot of people feel like they can talk about your children without offending you....not realizing it is offensive. You are due for some compliments....You always look great to me!!! Just wish I could see you in person more often! Miss you...Heather

Jennifer said...

Isn't it amazing how people seem to feel the need to communicate totally inappropriate things to complete strangers. Gotta love nosy and thoughtless people. Sort of like the woman in the ward I lived in when Spencer and I were first divorced that asked me if both of my practically carbon copy kids had the same father. In our house we call those "stun gun words"!

Kari Lynne said...

Oh my word! Why do people think they are entitled to say whatever they want. How could that lady honestly think that it was appropriate to say something like that to you. I happen to admire your calves. I wish I had even half that muscle in mine.

As for the handwashing thing. I have seen so many adults walk out of the bathroom and not even bother to wash their hands. For all we know that lady did too and she was feeling guilty about it so she wanted to make herself feel better by telling you Annie Kate did it too.

Encore Dance said...

It depends. I had a friend who was at a baby shower and another guest had brought her little girl. The girl had gotten into the chocolate cake and was wiping chocolate all over the hostess nice linen table clothes. I would have to alert the mother. Because I would want to know. But I would never say anything affend. I hope.

By the way, us relatives and similar built girls feel your pain, try having short legs and kankles! (calves that connect to foot) I've always thought that you were gorgeous!!

michelle said...

Good grief.

In the last couple of years I have become a person that can speak to strangers. I never used to at all -- too shy. Now I try to make pleasant conversation. There's just no call to be so rude!

I agree with another commenter -- you are due for a massive influx of compliments! You are beautiful to me. Keep wearing those skirts, baby!

Spencer the Bomb Diggity said...

I guess the guy has to side with the woman. (Not the calf lady. I have big calves too, but they look good on my burly, manly hunk of muscle.)
Honestly I was going to tell you about annie Kate's little hygeine problem when we were staying with you last month. ALso that Sally Jane sometimes dropped food on the ground, and Caroline ate that food off the floor. Holy Cow I can't believe that behavior.

I mean, if I eat something off the floor, i at least wipe it off first! and if I have to go to the bathroom in a public place, I just use my foot to flush the toilet or something, that way I am justified in not washing my hands!

Kristi, I just did not want to say anything for fear that you would not take US to the smithsonian.

Mindy said...

my favorite comment that I've gotten was at the mall in the elevator. I was with my 4 kids and this man was in there with us shaking his head in disgust. When he started to walk out, he asked, "Ma'am, what's the rush?" This man had NO IDEA about how LONG it took for us to have all our children- people can be so strange sometimes. However, I think I've been on the flip side of it once when my mom and I were in Ann Taylor. The woman checking us out was very pregnant. We began talking and asked if she knew the sex of the baby. She then told us that she was placing her baby with a couple in CA, probably not expecting to find that she then had two ladies in hysterical tears wanting to hug her over and over in the store. She wasn't crying, but she had to get out a box of kleenex for us. With what words I could hardly get out I told her how much I admired her. We walked out of there with her probably thinking we were some crazy strangers!

Jordan said...

Yes, I'm with chanel, a definite filter problem with that woman. Poor sweet Annie Kate!!

Tasha said...

First of all, about your calves, I was walking behind you when I saw you last time and I thought, "Kristi has the most awesome leg muscles!" I was envious! That girl has no tact sensor.

I will comment if someone has a great shirt on or a cute baby, I will give a compliment. Dave thinks I am nuts.

However, don't you HATE it when people tell you things, like with AK, or like "oh, that little one is tired" "She wants some lunch!" "She doens't want to be in the store anymore" and it takes every ounce of restraint I have to say "No S#@!, she's two, she doesn't want to do anything except what she wants to do, I dont' want to be in the store with her either, and she's not hungry because she just ate half a bag of chips and two bottles of chocolate milk! But thanks! Cherrio!"

One of my primary teachers when I was in primary was like this. I was soooo sick when I was pregnant and she came up to me one sunday and said "You look like crap, why are you here?" (This wasn't a friend, mind you) I smiled at her, a genuine smile and said "I feel like crap, you know, you don't have to say everything that pops into your head." I smiled again, patted her on the arm and continued putting away chairs.

Ah, the kindess of strangers!

Diana said...

I can't believe people would say that to you. I keep things to myself. Awhile ago my little 2 year old girl, Kira was having a hard time at church. A visitor to our ward was sitting behind us, she said quite loudly to her son, that little girl needs discipline. I though who in the heck are you, you don't know me or my daughter. Kira was tired and sick that day so of course Sacrament mtg would be hard. I really don't know where people get off "giving advice"

mimi said...

Oh my, this made me laugh so hard that I had to run to the bathroom. You have beutiful legs and they are very shapely. And with all the excersize you get, they are probably pure muscle.
Sometimes when I wash my hands in a public place it is just because I fear there is a camera watching, and I will find myself on a TV news program about germs. Now that I know that there are potty police out, I'm really afraid!!

Amie said...

Thanks for the laugh Kristi! So funny! I would never say those things to someone.

I do have big calves and did even thin. I remember having to push the peg pants over my calves to get them off. I am NOT going back to that style!

You are so cute, thanks for sharing!!