Sunday, August 20, 2006

In our ward they do the announcements after Sacrament meeting. It is a brilliant concept. One everyone is there and it doesn't really distract from the purpose of the meeting.
So, today we met in the gym because our chapel was getting painted this week. They had also repainted the basement, which is where we have primary. During the announcements they said, "there still seems to be having paint fumes, so for the sake of the children the rest of the meetings are cancelled, Have a great rest of the day with your families"
After the meeting the man who announced this came up to me almost laughing because he said the look on my face was memorable. He said you looked like you won the lottery.
It was a fun surprise, although we were excited for the rest of our meeting Jeff was teaching the WW lesson and I was teaching primary. But we sure did enjoy coming home

of note. got sustained to teach R.S. and be on the enrichment committee. really excited.


Dana said...

LOVE both of those callings too!

I am in the YW's Presidency right now and having a blast with that as well!

When they announce there won't be any church meeting for this or that reason, it reminded me of sitting in a boring college class and having the teacher let us go early.

Party time! LOL :P

Jill said...

That's so funny that the man making that announcement happened to see your face. I would have done the same thing. I enjoy church, but would have been very excited to be let out 2 hours early. Your Sunday must seem very long and luxurious because of that.

Congrats on the 2 new callings, both of those are great and will help other people get to know you but won't end up taking so much of your time that you feel overwhelmed. Lucky girl.

Liz said...

Ohh I love that they let you all out early. What a fun Sunday. RS teacher and Enrichment are right up your alley! Good luck with that!

becca said...

We had stake conference today, so we only had church from 10 to 12, instead of our usual 1-4pm time. It was heavenly, I feel like I have had such a long wonderful day!

I know I have never met you, but I just know that you will be so great in those callings! Lucky Ward to have you!

Jenny said...

Teaching R.S. was my all time FAVORITE calling. They will love having your "great" ideas on enrichment.

That would be a nice surprise to be released after sacrament. We too had stake conference so had a short day as well.

sec said...

Okay, congratulations on your new callings. You will do great at both of them. NOW, please pass on your Enrichment ideas -- We have lots of activities, but we are also re-evaluating and need a burst of new energy. I will love getting your ideas-------------

shalyce sharene said...

thats such a good idea. today was my last sunday :( weird. the bishop game me my first marriage talk...a little freaky. 3 things to remember he said, 1. right person,(its okay to say no, there is a lot of crazy RMs) 2. right place(of course the temple is the right place, thats easy) and 3. right time ( he didn't get married for 5 years after he met sarah) i love that man. :) call me when you have the chance!

Tasha said...

They've got a goldmine in you! What a lucky ward!

They call to announce if there is no church because of snow, we are always one of the first because our last name starts with "a:. I wonder if the Bishopric is hurt when everyone sounds totally excited by the news???

amy w. said...

Love that beautiful old church! Your Relief Society will reap the benefits of having you in those callings! Thats a crack up about having no church--hey, sometimes a little break is good--especially when church is a marathon session with little ones!

michelle said...

Well, who wouldn't be excited?

You will be perfect for both of those callings. I think R.S. teacher is the best around. You are brilliant for Enrichment. Congrats!

Jordan said...

That is fabulous news to get at church, I would have had the same face on. I am waiting for the day when we move to a two-hour block.

I am the enrichment couselor in RS! We will have to swap activity ideas. Good for you!

Also, love the church building, beautiful.

mimi said...

Congrats Kristi on your new callings. You will do a wonderful job!