Sunday, August 13, 2006

Quiet Book

In honor of my not so quiet children at church today, I am posting about the quiet book I made about 7 years ago.

My friend Mindy had just taught me how to quilt and I was just learning my way around a sewing machine and decided to take on making a quiet book. What was I thinking. But the great thing Mindy taught me about sewing is, "just try it" I bought a quiet book pattern at Mormon Handicraft in SLC. (I have been looking all over for it on the internet in case anyone wants it, but can not find it, I will keep looking)
I had been wanting to take pictures of it for awhile in case I lost it. I love this book and have so many great memories making it. We used to have one when I was a kid and the pattern is the same pattern from the early 70's. So it has a lot of the same pages.
The one thing it is missing is earplugs to hand the people sitting around me at church. Because I don't think it makes them any quieter, but the ear plugs will help mute the noise for those close by.
What kind of tricks do you use for your kids to help with noise levels?
See quiet book here.

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katie said...

This is the quite book my friend also has. I also have the quite book from when I was a child, so i am thinking of just updating it, making it easier. I love this pattern and think it is really fun for the kids.

Jill said...

My mom made those for us when we were kids, and she made them to sell at Mormon Handicraft too. I did NOT inherit her sewing gene. So sad.

Your book is so cute, what a fun thing for your girls to play with. I'm sorry they weren't so quiet in church, the earplugs for the surrounding members might be a good idea. Ha.

Elisa said...

I have been looking all over for quiet book patterns on the internet too! I will make a run for Mormon Handicraft soon to see if they still have any. I wonder if Jill's mom still makes them?

We tried pot sticker from Costco for the first time this week. They had a coupon and I knew you liked them. They are great!! To think we would have missed out.

Mindy said...

I never have forgotten about this AMAZING quiet book!! It is so cute! Once ARE AMAZING!

amy w. said...

I remember this book--it is the cutest. What a treasure!

Jana said...

I have always wanted a quiet book, but I have not spent the time to find a good one that my kids will enjoy and that I will enjoy making. Yours is adorable!

Liz said...

Oh, I loved this book that you made! IT was adorable, your kids are so lucky to have you! I am so glad that you let me copy the instructions. One of these days I will actually try to make it!

Jennifer said...

My mom was the Quiet Book queen when we were kids and used to make them to sell at craft shows and such in CA. Funny though...I have never been the recipient of one of her famous books! This is a complaint I have offered up on numerous occasions. What a treasure your kids have but I can't imagine the Quiet Book you could masterfully create now that your sewing skills have blossomed beyond belief!

Tasha said...

That looks exactally like what I remember having! I am sure my mom bought it at a ward Bazarr or something. Have you checked out the Clotilde catalog? Some of the catalog is painfully geeky, but some of it is great. Check this link out:
If that doesn't work, go to and search for children's quiet book pattern. They have two of them.

Oh- I wanted to order a ruffle foot for my Janome, are our machines high or low shank ad where would you recommend getting one from?

michelle said...

I love that quiet book. Unlike everyone else, I have never seen that one. I've never made one, but Jessie gave me a pattern for one from Keepsake Quilting. Now that Eva's getting old enough to do the activities, I will have to actually make it! Thanks for the inspiration.