Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thank you gift.

Annie Kate's primary teacher had loned us a great book about Clara Baraton and a bunch of Old Testament DVD's to watch this past week. I could tell she was really worried that she would get them back and said she forgot to put her name on them.
So to thank her for the loan I made some DVD labels and Bookplates.
I just printed out the DVD labels on regular weight paper and they slide on the back cover of the DVD.
The bookplates I made with my favorite size label sticker Avery 5163. 2"x4"
It is a very easy, fast and cheap thing to do for someone who loans you a book or DVD.


Jill said...

You're brilliant and thoughtful too. Have you given them back yet? Was she delighted? Of course. What a cool gift.

Jana said...

What a great idea. From what I've heard, read, and seen, you have such a wonderful capacity to give. Your gifts seem very heartfelt and thoughtful. That is a wonderful quality.

amy w. said...

So cute, but how does this techo idiot create that cute picture for the label?

TX Girl said...

Thanks for the great idea. We lend our DVD's kind of regularly and I'm always afraid I won't get them back.

Anonymous said...

You are full of such genious ideas. I bet she will love it.

michelle said...

What a great idea, Kristi. Seriously, do you ever have a lull in the stream of ideas? I feel like I never have any!