Friday, August 25, 2006

Sneek Peek
Today we went to the open house for AK's new school. It was great because the new kids were the only ones allowed in the building for the first 30 minutes, which gave you time to meet with the principal and be the first one in the classroom to meet the teacher. brilliant idea!
Annie Kate was excited to find our her school has lots of after school clubs like basketball, knitting, craft club and many others.
She was excited about having lockers in her classroom. They are these old yellow metal lockers. They took the doors off, but it is still kind of fun.
When we got in the teacher had a to do list for them, write their name on the chalkboard, type some information in the computer, check the surprise in their desk. They each had a handwritten note in there from their teacher.
Annie Kate had a made a special note for her teacher, that she hung up on her door as soon as AK handed it to her. We also made caramel apples today with the girls and made one for the teacher, a little play on giving your teacher an apple.
I think it is going to be a great year!


Cristin said...
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Cristin said...

Cute idea...(and it looks like you've already found a creative use for your recent ribbon purchase.)
Have a great school year!

Dana said...

What a fun idea Kristi!
I bet my boys teachers would love something like that!

Jordan said...

Love the start of a new school year! Fresh crisp clothing, the smell of the earth cooling off, new teacher, new friends...I actually miss it.

Anonymous said...

What a fun activity. I love the carmel apple idea. AK is so beautiful- I just love her freckles!

Liz said...

What a great idea with the carmel apple! Lindsey's school did the same thing, only letting the new students in first. Unfortunately her teacher wasn't there! I just love how many extracurricular activities schools in the East have, you will even find that they have after school enrichment classes that they can sign up for and they are great! L took a science one last year and she loved it!

michelle said...

I love making caramel apples, but have never made them for the teachers. Well, duh! Good thing I have you to tell me what to do.

That really was a great idea, having all the new kids come at a special time. And how cool to have all those after-school clubs!