Thursday, August 24, 2006

We had to go back for more.
We went back today to get more peaches, we had ran out. And after spending an AWESOME night at the Davis' house with the yummiest, peach pie, we had to go back for more.
So the girls and I ran out this morning.
  • we got huge box of peaches, white and yellow
  • more fresh tomatoes
  • weather was not too hot
  • girls got ice cream sandwiches
  • the farm dog at Sally Jane's, wrapper and all
  • we pooped out on going for the blackberries
  • Caroline probably bit into at least half a dozen peaches she found on the ground while picking. Sure hope they don't have video cameras on the far
  • Annie Kate washed her hands after using the bathroom
  • and my large calves didn't give me too much trouble with all the walking, hee hee!


Rachel said...

ok seriously I am deathly jealous of your yummy fresh peaches and fresh garden tomatoes. I would die for some warm tomatoes straight from the garden to make a tomato are so lucky kristi!!!! I guess I should go find some mexi on a corner and get some fresh produce!

michelle said...

I am jealous of your fruit-picking. There's nothing like fresh, local, summer fruits! I guess I will have to go find a fruit stand and get myself some peaches, too. But somehow that's not the same as picking them yourself...

You reminded me of when we lived in Seattle and blackberries grew wild everywhere. We went on walks to pick them all the time. Oh how I love blackberries, especially free ones!

Liz said...

The peaches look so good! I want to get some and try canning them.

By the way your last comment totally cracked me up, I love your sense of humor!

Anne said...

I also found your last two comments especially funny.

Jill said...

The pictures are great, and you've got me hankering for peaches (which I never do). You've got a good thing going with your new locale, it all looks great to me.