Saturday, September 23, 2006

all dried up

my hydrangea flowers have been cut and dried and fit great in my wall basket. These all were the same color, bright pink!
The purple-ish ones I cut when they were pink and then they dried purple. The green red ones I left on the plant to dry and I love they way they turned out. They will be great at Christmas time for some arrangement.
I have been walking the neighborhood with my gardening shears to cut some of my neighbors flowers that are just going to waste dying on their bushes, but I have not had the guts to just cut them and am too lazy to knock on their door.
But I am thrilled with how many my three plants produced this year.


Amy said...

Love, love, love dried hydrangeas! And it's so easy to do, too! Your wall basket looks beautiful!

Cristin said...

One of my absolute favorite flowers! (There is a 'hydrangea yard' here that we pass daily -- no grass, just hydrangea bushes...there must be 40+ bushes. WOW!) Your basket looks fabulous!

Hannah said...

So beautiful! I love how they dry so differently.

Jenny said...

Those flowers are beautiful. You definitely have a green thumb.

michelle said...

I love hydrangeas so much -- I only wish I could grow them here in UT! Lucky you.

Claudissima said...

they are some of my favorite flowers....they are so bright and wonderful.