Saturday, September 23, 2006

My new library stash.

I am a library addict. I can never check out anything less than 10 books at a time. I always look for them on the computer and reserve them online, then run in and have them get them from the hold shelf and then run out.
Here was today's pick up. Can you believe it there was only one Civil War book (my latest obsession), I usually have at least 5. It is a Civil War craft book, my two worlds collide in such a beautiful way.

What is sad is that there are still 13 books being transferred to my library for me to pick up on Tuesday, I can't wait.
Click on photo to see a larger shot.


Jordan said...

I love it that you are addicted to the library. It is definitely an underused institution. Good for you, the beading books look good, I should go check some out--our library day is MOnday(the kids and I).

Amy said...

Are you going to get into beading, now, too, or have you been interested for a while? This is a craft that's definitely piqued my interest, but I have yet to be able to make the financial commitment to it.

Kristi Brooke said...

amy, we have two bead shops in the little market street that you can walk to from my house. one of them teaches classes and the other one is SO cheap! it is wholesale beads. so i have kind of had an iterest, but am not interested in investing a lot of money.

i wonder if there is some problem i have where i feel like i have to try everything out there.. i just wish that desire would enourage me to be a better cook and learn how to sing.

Mindy said...

Your library has a much better selection than mine. I need to try the Meridian library which is larger, but not closer. I'm tackling the book Tasha gave me, "Runaway Quilt" first and then I'll request a large Hold pile! So fun to pick them up and bring them home!

Elizabeth said...

I am also a fan of the library requst. I was sad to leave Provo because of their great library. ( still carry my old library card for nostalgic reasons) The whole state of Hawaii is connected so I can pretty much find anything I am looking for when I request. I love seeing when my books come from towns on other islands. Also they have so many great DVD's and TV series. A good way to get my Arrested Development fix for cheap.

Liz said...

Great collection of books! Libraries are the best! You can't beat free!!

Amy said...

Kristi, two bead stores in one place! I wouldn't be able to resist. I know what you mean, though! I want to try everything too, but I think you're a lot closer to that goal than I am.

My tip for being a better cook--buy yourself a really good knife. My favorite knife is my Wustof Grend Prix II Santoku knife. It's almost $100--but so worth it! Once I got that knife I actually wanted to cook!!! ;)