Saturday, September 23, 2006

What a week of Mail!

I don't even know how to begin in thanking everyone for such a week of great mail. I have actually had kind of a hard week (may blog about that later) and so these all seemed so timely and so appreciated. How can I not just brag about everyone who sent me something!! So instead of just showing how lucky I have been I thought I would brag about everyone that sent me something, so you can get to know them too!Amie A. sent me this very nice thank you card. Amie is so on top of people's needs. I was so impressed this past week when she sent Jenny a toy for her son who was trying to learn how to tie his shoes. the amazing thing to me about this Amie has never met Jenny. This is just one example I have seen her do for others.

Allison M. sent me this pretty in pink package with things I love. I love smellies, pineapples and yes those sick and oh so healthy pink sno-balls, that just happen to come in pink. What a wonderful surprise and I love the cast-iron pineapple.
Allison is a very generous person and is a great person to ask about children's books, she has a great collection and gave us one of our favorite ones about 6 years ago. She always seemed to know the perfect children's book for any occasion. She does not have a blog.... YET, hint hint.

Anne C. sent me this awesome card (did you make it) with a boxed set of walks around D.C. this is such a great gift! Every card has a walk, with a little bit of history and it's own map, so you won't get lost. It is kind of like Garmin in a box. Anne is a great photographer, has had some amazing jobs and is a wonderful Aunt. check out Anne's blog here.

Sharon C. (jeff's mom) sent me this most awesome gift. There will be so many more posts about this one for sure. Herb (jeff's dad) made us the same wooden "Holiday House" he had growing up. We are going to be making them for enrichment meeting in Relief Society. It is a wooden house that you ice with that sticky frosting. It has holes drilled in it to put lights in. The great thing about is that you wash it off and then get ready to use it for the next season. We will decorate ours for Halloween on the first Monday of the month. (we have a special Family Home Evening lesson that night) It was so funny because they even sent the nails and Jeff said "my dad put these in so his son would not mess it up) Since I have been typing Jeff has put it together and it looks great and we are so excited!
A little about Sharon, she can make anything! She has made all of her daughters wedding dresses, she knits, is an excellent cook and she has a finger that points around the corner. (Annie Kate has the same finger)

Jenny C. sent this fun Halloween card with stickers and good mail labels. I love Halloween so thanks for getting me even more excited.
Jenny is one of the most organized people I know. She is not wasteful and takes very good care of what she has. I remember her telling me once that she has her kids clean up their own toys and then after they go to bed she organizes them so they don't lose their parts. I always love that she let her kids put it away instead of just doing it herself. Does that even make sense? Anyway I always loved that about her because she was a good example of taking good care of what she has. You can read her blog here.

Angie G. sent me a fun pink package. little does she know that Sweet Pea is my favorite scent from bath and body. I love it! Darling pink card! Yummy pink M&M's in the ever so cute container with matching pink and black ribbon. I love it. No worries the other pink M&M's were already gone by the time yours came.
Angie has a great blog with a recent incredible post! I hope she doesn't mind that I highlight this but it was incredible and I have not stopped thinking about it all week. She has incredible determination and has made some very life changing habits in her life. I commend her and appreciate her being brave enough to share with all of us. You can read her week of posts here and I encourage you if you are not a commenter normally to leave one if you take the time to read it. Thanks Angie!
this was an great gift from the Coppitts. George is the head of Jeff's department at Walter Reed. He did a fellowship at Vanderbilt so we knew them in Tennessee. They are wonderful people. Jennifer put together a Italian welcome basket. (she used pasta instead of bread so it wouldn't go bad) I guess it's contents are traditional in welcoming someone to their new home. Bread, oil & salt. I need to find more info on this.
Jennifer does this great Thanksgiving tradition with her kids the day before Thanksgiving where she tries to live back 'in the day" as much as possible. It was so fun to hear about I will have to get the details from her.

These were from an ebay auction I won this week. I love McDonald's Halloween toys. (which I don't think they make anymore) Well my friend Janine Barker had these set from about 12 years ago. They are chicken nuggets that you dress up in Halloween costumes. Every year I think I am going to buy a set, but don't because they are too rich for my blood. Well this year I did a search and found all of these, 5 more from another year that I didn't have and 3 McDonald's Halloween videos for $3.00! total score. The girls love bringing out the Halloween toys every year.

This was the pattern I got in the mail from King Pod. I am so excited about this. It even came with a wonderful recipe for banana bread.
If you have not ventured on her site take the time to do so, it is incredible. She does a mail order every few months that is incredible, watch for them, they sell out fast.

Whew... Thanks to everyone for being so generous and kind! and I hope it doesn't drive anyone crazy that I love posting my mail.


Liz said...

WOW! Awesome good mail! You deserve it! You have so many great traditions and holiday ideas. I'm not so good, because I just can't stand having so much stuff to cart around each time we move.

Bevan said...


You McScored with those McNugget figures. said...

WOW!! What week! You must have felt LOVED!! I love the M&Ms from Angie!! That is such a cute little container!!
And look how cute that notecard is from Alison!!
I love love love the McD chicken nuggets! Those rock!!

Dana said...

You got some great loot Kristi! How very fun :)


Kristi Brooke said...

Kacey, that has got to be so fun to see your cards there!
so cute you are right

Spencer the Bomb Diggity said...

Yarrr! It looks to me like Kristi has some fine booty! (Sorry I am still reminiscing from pirates week.)

Okay I have been racking my brain over this ginger bread house since you mentioned it. Are you going to sell the pattern, or make these and sell these? I really want one bad!

Chelsea said...

Oh my mail!! I need to get myself some good mail friends. Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed with good friends. The basket of Italian foods represent:

the bread (noodles) so 'your family may never go hungry', the oil, signify health & light. And the salt represent life's tear, as well as something that mends all wounds. And a pinch of it at your door & window brings good luck. My husband has lots of Italian friends and family, they have lots of wonderful tradions! That type of welcome basket also happens to be in "It's a wonderful life", one of my favorite movies.

Thought you'd enjoy those meanings. Hope you are well! Your family is very missed!!
Take care, Kim G.

Jenny said...

I am glad to see you got so much fun stuff in the mail, especially with a hard week.

I remember those McDonald toys! You and Mindy got me into them and I think I went to every McDonalds to get those Bugs Life and Toy Story ones. I traveled all the way to Slidell to see if they had ones to fill my collection. (we still have them in a container) Sadly, I too don't think they make those cool type toys anymore.

You deserve all those fun things especially for introducing so many of us to Jill and her amazing good mail friends. And for all the long hard efforts you have put into pink Christmas--I am almost done with my project sooo excited !! :)

Kristi Brooke said...

Kim. I am so thrilled you knew the signigicance of this, now i love it even more! thanks so much for taking the time to write about it.

michelle said...

That is some serious good mail. I think the everlasting gingerbread house is pure genius. I'd buy one!

michelle said...

p.s. I'm dying to know if you got the package I sent you about almost two weeks ago.

Anne said...

I'm so behind!! Yes I made that card. I sometimes go through fits of crafty but haven't in a long time. I actually found that card with several homemade christmas cards I never sent in my big box of cardstock I never use...