Saturday, September 16, 2006

Going to George's

Today me and the girls (Jeff is in Toronto for the week) went to Mt. Vernon for the 18th Century Craft fair. It was as dreamy as the poster and the perfect mix of things I love...overcast weather, crafters who are anything but crafty, children activities and history.
I found someone to do Sally Jane's silhouette. Which I was so thrilled about because I have one of the other girls. Here is a the lady who did it. I am so in love with silhouettes these days especially ones for the holidays.

Annie Kate was in the magic show, this is now her third fair and her third time getting up on stage.. what happened to our shy daughter?

We found someone selling rocks and I could not stop thinking of my grandpa who used to have a rock shop in his backyard. I was buying half inch rocks for $.50 a piece, he was probably laughing at me. The girls loved the rocks and I enjoyed telling AK about the rock shop in my grandpas back yard.

They had a whole army of soldiers who marched, shot their guns and blew off the canon. It was so wonderful. I wish Jeff could have been here he would have loved it. Without him being there I didn't venture on the boat ride down the Potomac, they were free for the day. We will do it next year. photos of the day.
oh and I can't wait to get my new camera, my zoom has been broken on my camera for weeks and it is drivng me crazy, so they are not the best photos and kind of hard to see.

Also if you feel the need to learn more about George Washington rent the movie "The Crossing" it is wonderful! Jeff and I just watched it last week. love that netflix!


Jordan said...

I can't believe your fair attendence! Send some of those fairs our way. The Arizona state fair is coming up next month and Seth is already talking about it.

mimi said...

Way fun day!1 I love that you have so many fairs to go to. I would be loving it there, I'm sure. October may bring an Octoberfest at the farm you have been going to this summer. I love those events. The silloette is sooo cute of Sally Jane.

pam said...

What a fun filled day. I love those types of fairs.

My mom had silloettes of all of us too, what fun memories.

amy w. said...

Love, love, silhouttes. I have some of the children that I did myself and are waiting to be hung above my bed. These fairs sound heavenly to me.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful fair - your daughters are just precious and I love the patchwork quilted bag one of them is carrying! Love the rocks for sale -

Anonymous said...

The silouette is so beautiful- I have never thought to get one done of Mya. Wow. Once again your awesome life leaves something to be desired in mine! You are a cool mom :)

rebecca s. said...

The silloette is darling - love the little curlies in her hair. You are taking great advantage of the local fairs - what a fun part of the country you live in!
Your girls always look so cute - do you always dress them alike? Those Cutler girls... so sweet!

Jill said...

Sally Jane's silhouette is beautiful. I think it's funny that the date could really be 9/16/1706 and it would look the same!

Elisa said...

Sally has the cutest silhoutte! Those curls are precious. Mark had a really great one too with his huge cowlick in the front. We have that up at the cabin.