Friday, September 15, 2006

what represents me

Recently Dana had a contest on her blog asking you to send in a photo that represents you. This is was my photo and it totally represents me.

this is a photo of the foot of my mom's Singer sewing machine.

She sewed me many a checkered dress on this machine. I didn't learn to really sew until I was an adult but now I love to sew. I didn't find most of my passions until recent years. I love things that are old and have meaning. I am often as wound up as a bobbin. I rarely change my color thread to match the fabric when I sew and do the same in life, I am a "whatever works" kind of person. My needle is never as sharp as it should be and I use it until it breaks. Sewing has given me confidence, groceries for my family, encircled me with friends. I have cried and laughed with sewing buddies. My girls will grow up sewing by my side and I hope they will create for their entire lives.

What photo would represent you?


Jill said...

That's such a cool photo and a great idea for a contest. I don't know how I missed it on Dana's blog.

I would probably choose something postage or camera related. I love thinking about the possibilities.

Amy said...

A photo of my wall of floor to ceiling bookshelves with books piled two rows deep on some shelves. Reading has brought me friends, the focus of my education, it sees me through my many sleepless nights and give me solace when I need it most. It gives to me and I give to it just as much. Great post!

pam said...

There are so many possibilities: a trauma bay with a busy, sick child (sorry, that's my specialty) I love what I do and to an extent it defines who I am.

A has helped to shape the person that I am today. There is music for every mood and every occasion, it brings us closer, it calms my fears, uses up my energy, it forgives and draws the Spirit near, it makes for great camp outs.

My kitchen...or pretty much any kitchen. Friends and families gather there, many talks have been had, tears have been shed, global warming solved, babies held, dishes done, danced with a loved one.

I could go on and on, but the short of it, I'm not sure which picture I'd send.

Anonymous said...

So many possibilities! Right now it would be our shelf full of DVD's. There is usually a movie for every mood- since I am ever changing. I think some movies are works of genious and some of my favorite times have been when I can cozy-up and watch movie after movie. I have never turned down watching a movie- something I usually do in life with experiences. I love feeling emotionally free when watching movies and how I am free to laugh so hard I cry or cry tears because it can affect me so deeply. I have never been embarassed by my response to a movie. I like being open to those possibilities. I love going to the movies and being able to forget about everything for that time.

Anonymous said...

Great post, love to imagine the picture of your girls sitting by your side and learning to sew. What wonderful memories they will have.

Amy W.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! I can so relate, as I am an only daughter with five younger brothers. My mom sewed most of my clothing...until I started in my teen years sewing for myself. I have created some beautiful creations of love for my only daughter and pray that one day my little lefty will love sewing enough to want to continue this passionate art. I love the photo.

Claudissima said...

good question I would have to think of that...there are five things that come to mind but don't really know which one takes precedence....maybe a chefs hat or a passport...also feel exactly as Hannah

michelle said...

that is possibly the coolest photo in the world. I love that you said what you did about mismatched thread and dull needles. Now that is how I sew! But you seem to be so much more skilled than I. I just love the image of your girls beside you as you sew, soaking in the passion and beauty of it all.