Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hugs & Kisses till Halloween!

I am so excited about sharing this project with ya'll. My friend here Nicole H, is teaching a class for R.S. on a advent calendar for Christmas with hugs and kisses until Christmas day. I loved the idea but could not wait until Christmas so I decided to make a Halloween advent calendar.

I made one for each of the girls and made them a name plaque to go at the top. This is taking the paper chain idea to a whole new level. You could do these a week before their birthday, you could do one in all white the week before their baptism, a countdown until a big trip, Valentines, ... oh the possibilities are endless.

You just wrap Hershey hugs and kisses in tulle/netting. This also gave me a great reason to use all my ribbon from the outlet. I wanted to get this posted so you would have time to make it for October and it would be a great project to do with your kids in case you are sitting around this weekend watching a lot of T.V.

When you go to the store pick up. These are for one strand.

2 yards of netting. (think outside of the black and orange Halloween box, I used pink, purple and orange with lots of lime green ribbon)
lots of different widths of ribbon. It looks great with real skinny to even 1" ribbon
In the wood shaped section at the craft store I found the name plaque for $.79
Paint & modge podge
Little Halloween do dads

I painted the name plate white and then printed the girls names on the computer. I used Mr. Giggles font (my favorite)
Then I laminated the name so the modge podge would not smear the ink. It makes it look really great too.
Then I modgepoded the name on. You will have to wipe the glue off the lamination.
I cut the tulle in half lengthwise. You will use this whole length and then have to add some more on by overlapping the piece.
Lay 2-3 kisses and hugs in the tulle and then tie with ribbon. Do this 31 one times or as many days as you are counting down.
Staple gun to the name plaque. I glued a doo-dad over the staple gun coming out the other side. Then tied them here and there on the ribbons.

hang them on the wall and let the countdown begin. (do you think I love this holiday or what)
If you make these with your family email me a photo, I know some of you will come up with even better ideas.

Here is the link to this page if you want to share this idea with your friend. Here are all the photos I took of the project.
Wrap 2 or three kisses and hugs in netting then tie with ribbon.


Anne said...

Those are so cute. I would love to make those for my nieces and nephews but I'm afraid I lack the motivation! I need to do something about it!!

Allison M. said...

You are killing me! Those are so cute! I think I just might have to attempt those myself. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

amy w. said...

I'm in! So cute! The kids will love it!

rebecca s. said...

I am in, too. chocolate + countdown ... perfect!

Anonymous said...

So awesome Kristi- thanks for sharing it in time! I am so going to do one for Mya- and maybe Linc and me- this weekend!

katie said...

I love this idea. I am going to have to do this

Laura Huston said...

Too cute!!
Wonderful idea!
What is this "good mail" I keep reading about?
A network of crafty women??

pam said...

Too cute! Where do you find all of these cute projects? Thanks for the info.

Mindy said...

Kristi! You are amazing! It looks just like what I pictured when you described it over the phone--so dang cute! I'm embarrassed to say that I have never modgepogged (sp?) in my life. So darling! Maybe a bright lime green for Christmas, huh?

carleigh said...

AWESOME! Those are so cute I am just going to have to make some. Thanks for the idea and posting in time that I can try it.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...


I just had to write and tell you what a great blog you keep. You are so generous with your ideas and enthusiasm. I love the countdown idea...I had never thought of all white-baptism, etc. Brilliant!

I teared up in your home-teaching post. Thanks for being so generous and sharing.

Did I say I love your blog? :)

Kristi Brooke said...

Mindy, I have never used it until Jill sent me this awesome book where she had used it. now i use it all the time.

mipper said...

Krisit, so cute! seriously, how do you find time to do all of this stuff?! adorable.

i just discovered modge podge. i love the stuff. what do you mean by "you'll have to wipe the glue off the laminate"? do you only modge it underneath or over the top? also, do you varnish it to keep it from being sticky then?

i think i have to do this for Christmas for sure!

Kristi Brooke said...

you will wipe the mod poge over the whole top. but you will notice that it doesn't really stick if you have laminated it. So to keep it from drying in globs, just wip off the top of the laminated part.
Good question, i guess i didn't do a good job of explaning that.

Now you don't have to laminate it, but my colors ran when i put the glue on it. you could do those cool rub on letters they have out now, i just could not find them here.