Friday, September 29, 2006

Lori C. Mitchell

I was looking at Stefanie F. blog today and noticed on her fireplace two of the cutest witches. I emailed her to find out what they were. She was nice enough to email me three places to find these incredible treasures.
They are made by an artist Lori C. Mitchell in Richmond VA. Her work is amazing to say the least. She has a website where you can buy her originals. Take a look they are incredible. But she also sells reproductions on this site. Bayberry Cove.
It just makes me love Halloween that much more. She has some incredible nursery rhymes one too.
What a treat. Thanks Stefanie for the tip.


Laurie said...

Adorable! I love the witches with the legs that hang down.

Dana said...

I love little figurines like this!

Also, run and take a peek at my blog.

I need your help! :)

Elizabeth said...

You have the best eye for finding the cute. Those remind me of some pinnochio dolls I picked up on a trip. Very European.

Elisa said...

i love creative people! lori C. Mitchell Stephani, and you, inspiring! Thanks for checking in on me, I have been a bit under the weather but things are looking up! I need to catch up on life and then I can start blogging again. I am in Price catching my breath while miriam is entertained. i love it.

emily g. said...

I love those little witches. Last Christmas I bought a number of Lori Mitchell Santas from a wonderful store up in New Hampshire (for a great price). I'll hve to see if she has any of the Halloween collection.

I just got everything I need to make the Halloween countdowns. A great project for tomorrow night. :-) Thanks for your inspiring ideas!

Mindy said...

OK....I am having a hard time deciding which ones to get. My shopping cart is filling up- how on earth do you decide??? So cute! Thanks for the tip Kristi and Stephanie!