Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Vintage Finds.
My dad has an office on Main Street in Farmington. On the street sits some of the greatest thrift and antique stores. We went to a couple and here is what I picked up.
I love this vintage childs bonnet. Sally Jane loved wearing it and it will be perfect for the Shaker festival this weekend in Maryland.
This vintage doll will be great for my civil war theme love gifts for Christmas this year (more to come on that!) If you have not read the Silent Witness with your children, run and check it out at your local library.
I found this amazing handmade (no sewing machine) vintage quilt. It is in great condition for it's age. Ready for this $12.00! Kim G you would love it. What a find.

Great day of trash 2 treasure!


Dana said...

Oh that quilt is a fabulous find!

I would be draping that over an old red solid rocking chair I found at a yard sale here.

Another persons junk is someone elses treasure :)

Chelsea said...

OH my gosh $12?! That is a really neat thing to find. Don't you wish treasures like that came with their own writen history. Wouldn't you love to know how many love-birds' picnics it was part of or how many sick little children laid under it at night or how many tents it was a roof for. Cool.

michelle said...

No way! I can't believe you found that quilt for $12!! What a serious find. I can't wait to hear more about your Christmas gift theme.