Thursday, October 05, 2006

General Conference Fall 2006

This past weekend was the bi-annual general conference for my church. All the members from around the world gather to hear our church leaders speak. Some are in the same room in Utah, some at chruches where it is being broadcast, some in their homes where it is on T.V., some watching it on the internet and some listening on the radio. Then in a few weeks all the talks will be sent to them in their homes in a magazine called the Ensign. For those that were unable to watch it that weekend anyone is able to watch them online at anytime. It is literally available to the world
It really is a great weekend. This was Jeff's first weekend not working on a General Conference in 6 years. And our first being able to watch it in our home for 10 years. We loved it.
One of my favorite talks was by Anthony D. Perkins. The three things he talked about were
False inadequacy, exaggerated imperfection, needless guilt.
You can watch the talk here.

My favorite quote of the talk was

You will experience greater joy in life as you eradicate adult-onset pessimism and substitute childlike optimism. Optimism is a virtue that allows us to see God's loving hand in the details of our life.

It was a great lesson for me the closet perfectionist. ( I am still in denial that I am a perfectionist because my house is not clean and organized)

The photo above is Annie Kate drawing the speakers. Click on it to see detail.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Kristi...have I told you lately I love your blog?! I love your closet perfectionism, I love your creativity, I love your optimism. I'm so glad you got to enjoy conference in your home with your whole family. Annie Kate's pictures are darling. I especially recognized Elder Wirthlin. A neighbor from here, who moved his family to SLC a few years ago, organizes, arranges and displays the greenery and flowers, so it was fun to see they caught her eye, too.

mipper said...

you know what Kristi... i read a book once that said most people with disorganized homes are actually perfectionists. real perfectionists, not the ones with perfect homes, clothes, etc, whom we actually view as perfectionists. this book explained to me that real perfectionists see exactly what they want in their mind's eye and then look at what is around them and get so overwhelmed that they cannot function in the way they want and therefore a lot of things get pushed aside (mainly a clean house). the theory behind perfectionists like this is that they cannot handle doing something half-way, so they would rather not attempt at all so they don't feel like a failure for not meeting their mind's eye picture. it has helped me trememdously over the years to see this side of myself. because really, in my mind's eye, i know exactly what i want, i just cannot translate it to real life for very many reasons, not all of my own personal ones, i have other interacting factors. but still, it helps me a lot to realize that because, in spite of what someone may think by looking at me or my house, i am actually a perfectionist. i just cannot allow myself to fail enough to actually do what i want.

i liked that talk a lot too. i needed it very very much. I also adored Elder Bednar's. I SO needed that one. oh my gosh... i could go on. but yeah, THAT was my message this conference.

mipper said...

ok, i am going to stop with the novel long comments. sorry about that.

Kristi Brooke said...

mipper. great advice. so what do you say to me when I say I don't care if my house is clean or dirty. see that scares me!
hey i love your long answers.

mipper said...

well i say you are in a place where you know your limits and that is a good thing. i also say you have a good homelife in which that is acceptable and that is, for the most part, good. but still i maintain that most perfectionists don't clean their house because they physically cannot. it really is an issue of mental paralysis... even if you don't care the results. ;)

michelle said...

Whoa, interesting. Maybe this is why I can't seem to keep my house clean... but I'm not a closet perfectionist, I'm out in the open!

I love love love Annie Kate's pictures. Those are priceless.

Susan said...

Oh I loved that talk too! I needed to hear a lot of what was said in a lot of different talks. Hmmmm. What is that saying about me? I love your blog and I love all your ideas! SO much fun, we started the spooking this year with your adorable poem and picture! Now I know that we won't have to do it again and I can cross it off my list of to do's!

Jill said...

We missed most of the talks because we were driving back from California, but I happened to see this one in our hotel room in Las Vegas. I love the quote you put in this post and was struck by it when he said it.

It's hard not to get pessimistic as an adult and this concept of exaggerated perfectionism is interesting to me. I often feel like I'm "all or nothing" and get easily discouraged when I can make things look like they way they do in my head (like mipper's comment). I need to ease up a lot.

Annie Kate's pictures are so cute, what a fun thing to have her do while listening to Conference. We'll have to do that when we sit down as a family to watch it (we recorded all the sessions).

amy m said...

This was an amazing talk. I loved so many of them, but that one was so good for me to hear. Glad you were able to watch with you whole family.