Thursday, October 05, 2006

Halloween Pillowcases

I got this idea from Cristin (if you want great ideas check her blog, especially during holiday time, she is my cousins, sister-in-law)
To make Halloween pillowcases. I made three of these in between conference on Sunday and it is a great project for kids to do too.
When we moved from Tennessee, or dear friend Shari O, gave each of my girls a travel pillow with a special made pillowcase made out of pink minky fabric. (it makes cry thinking of this and that day) They sleep with these pillows every night. They are small and perfect for cuddling.
So after Cristins idea, I thought these will make the perfect holiday pillow.
They are so easy to make. You can buy the small pillows at JoAnns and only need half a yard of fabric. It is fun to sew ribbon on the end to tie them shut. And Elisa the ric rac queen may have some you can borrow.
You can make these for Christmas, Valentines, birthday... ohh the possibilities. If you come up with any other ideas let me know.


Lisa said...

Love the pillowcase - I spent Tuesday making 8 of them (3 for my girls and 5 for Alicia's roommates). I wanted to blog about the package I sent her but didn't want her to see it ahead of time! I also used your idea of the candy-filled tulle and sent the college girls my version of "The 13 days of Halloween". Thanks for the fun idea.

Diana said...

I love the pillows.. so simple and so fun. I might have to steal your idea!

Kristi Brooke said...

There is no such thing as stealing on Everything Pink