Thursday, October 05, 2006

Today I.
as of 3:00 pm

  • walked Annie Kate to school with the wagon instead of the stroller. bad idea with big hills.
  • have not showered by 3:00
  • sent 16 pieces of good mail, but could not figure out how to use the online postage
  • talked to one of my favorite ladies from church who gave me a good talking to and emailed me this poem. which sums up my life
  • ate a Asian saladd from McDonald's. I am in love with these.
  • Made 2 beds out of three
  • procrastinated making the Enrichment posters that need to be done by tonight
  • laughed with my sister in law on the phone
  • have only taken 2 photos
  • ate my first bowl of Mindy's grandmothers granola for breakfast. It is so good!
  • read Bombaloo to Caroline hoping it would kick in
  • took a deep breath outside to remember this wonderful weather
  • let Sally Jane eat a tootsie pop after breakfast


Amy said...

That poem makes me grateful that there's always tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. . .take a deep breath. Eventually it will all get finished.

Jenny said...

What a great poem. I may have to copy that one. Doug has been asking me to make that granola. So, I may just have to get on looks yum.

mipper said...

i did not shower until 3 pm (my time... so 5 yours) either.

Amanda said...

One of our R.S. teachers read that poem as part of her lesson a few weeks is very funny!

Sarah said...

I love that poem even though I am no where near even trying to accomplish what she did, (or what anyone else has for that matter).

Anonymous said...

Today must have been a late shower day- it was about 2:30 my time when I finally made it in ;) That granola looks so good- you know I am going to try it out! Thanks:)

michelle said...

Oh, I love granola! And I love the Asian salad. You sent 16 things!! That is quite an accomplishment. And, I never even got a shower today...