Friday, October 27, 2006

visiting teaching
I don't know why I am constantly surprised at what a powerful program visiting teaching is. It is a program in my church where two women are assigned to visit another woman every month. Through this you have the possibility of really getting to know someone beyond the weekly hello at church. I have said before the power of one visiting teacher. My friend Fran was my visiting teacher in Nashville and changed my whole view on this program.
Yesterday I went to take something to two of the girls I visit teach. It was one's birthday and the other one is redoing her incredible home and they finally finished the living room. ( I have dreams of getting the guts to photograph this ins and outs of this home someday it is amazing)

The birthday girl is an incredible Gardner. I drove up her driveway to find her transplanting bulbs for the spring. It was dinner time and her husband was not coming home until real late and she feeling a little lonely. She ended up giving me a grounds tour around her home of all her plants and tips and tricks. It was a great evening. I missed my photography class, but it was so worth it. I am so grateful I stopped by and that it was her birthday so it helped me to have a reason.
I just dropped off the other bottle of grape juice to the remodel home. I also took her the copy of the new Mignon Faget catalog. It is the first since Katrina. (see catalogs on the sidebar if you want one) It is awesome and I knew she would appreciate seeing something different. Her husband and 4 sons just spent the past year in Spain and she has great taste.
Visiting teaching is awesome!
I even started a smugmug gallery of things I have done so I can remember them for years to come.


Anonymous said...

too cute! i think im going to have to find me a "cute ribbon" wall thingy! everything is WAY cuter with a nice ribbon!!!

I too enjoy my visiting creatures and enjoy being one!

Laurie said...

Kristi, I'm sure you've mentioned it a zillion times and I've missed it, but what computer program do you use to make cute designs/ cards/fliers like this?

Very cute idea.

Chanel said...

You have the best ideas for cool, inexpensive, thoughtful gifts. Thank you for sharing!

Jill said...

I love seeing the things you make and give to others. I always intend to do cute things for my visiting teachees but rarely do. I'm inspired now.

amy m said...

Thank so much for the inspiration. You are so stinkin' creative.

michelle said...

Great idea to have a smugmug gallery of these things! Now I can look there instead of writing everything down. You're an inspiration!