Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Mardi Gras

We lived in New Orleans for 4 years and pretty much became Mardi Gras crazies! We loved it and looked forward to it every year.
This year we had a fun dinner with our friends the Hunters. They brought over their Gingerwood house and so we both attempted to make a Mardi Gras houses. The icing was a little thick and it was hard to find good Purple, Green and Yellow Candy, but the beads were a fun addition.

Our menu was:
  • Rita's Jambalaya
  • Baked Louisiana Sweet Potatoes (you can wrap these in foil like a regular baked potato and then add butter, a little brown sugar and cinnamon.. oh yum!)
  • tripled layered jello, grape, lime and lemon
  • Red beans and rice
  • King Cake ( i couldn't believe it they had it at the grocery store for only $4.99 and it was Great too!)
  • Pralines (unfortunately these did not turn out, for some reason the sugar did not dissolve. Do you New Orleans girls use Rita's or Missy recipe?
We had a fun time. Jeff didn't make it home but we saved a little bit of food for him.


Laurie said...

The gingerwood house looks really great actually. I love that - a Mardi Gras house. Such a yummy sounding menu. I love the triple layer color-theme jello! YES!

A. Buchanan said...

bombage for the mardi gras lovin...I love saying Happy Mardi Gras to people online at work even if they don't know what what it is.

Amanda :-) said...

We've just had Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) here in the UK. I tried to explain Mardi Gras to Erin but she can't quite understand it yet. Glad Jeff didn't completely miss out on that jumbo feast!

Liz said...

That looks and sounds like so much fun! You are lucky to have good friends to celebrate with you!

Jill said...

I feel like Mardi Gras is a whole subculture that has nothing to do with me at all. Weird.

michelle said...

Your menu sounds fabulous. I would love to have the recipes for jambalaya and red beans & rice! Baked sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods in the world...

Barb said...

My kids' new school campus opened on Mardis Gras last year, so today for the Official Grand Opening the parent cousel decorated with a Mardis Gras theme. My girls wore purple and green beads thanks to you it was extra special for them.