Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Class Party

I am not sure how I got put in charge of the Second Grade Valentines party but I did. I have really tried to lay low and not volunteer for much this year to take time to get adjusted and it is hard to take the little ones to school with me.
Today was the Valentines Party because of our snow/ice storm last week.
I had a very poor response asking for other parents to help me, besides the apples and grapes being brought in for the food I was on my own.... oh wait that is not true, someone brought in cookies to decorate too.
Me and the girls decorated the class room on the 13th at school as it was totally snowing and school was shutting down to get everyone home. We put tule on each chair, red for boys and pink for girls along with a name tag and a big red velvet bow. The tule is so cheap and the red velvet I had bought 100 yard roll at the ribbon outlet for $1.00.
We played this fun game with chopsticks. I had put on different large plates Hershey Kisses and Heart Gobstoppers (which I was able to get all half off since we were having this after Valentines day, such a great deal) and then gave all the kids a set of chopsticks to pick up as many as they could.the hearts we threw away but any of the kisses they could pick up they got to keep. I thought it was a really fun idea, yet some of the kids got really frustrated not being able to use the chopsticks.

The other game we played was with playdough. I had made this playdough recipe, (it won me best mom of the year last year) and doubled it so there was a small ball for each kid. I put them in small plastic baggies.
We had one kid come to the front and draw out a Valentines word out of a basket. Lips, roses, cupid, heart and also Mr. Chep (the principal) boa constrictor, soccer ball etc. The child in the front of the room said the word and then everyone had to make that shape. Doing the principal was really funny. I thought it was so fun and everyone was getting to play with playdough along with take it home. But after the party Annie Kate said, "I don't think that game was as fun as you thought" so funny.
Caroline and Sally Jane were totally running-a-muck the whole time. There was one other parent trying to help me but it was CRAZY. They both kept sneaking out of the class room and coloring on everything. They loved the computers, I just hope they didn't break them.I did make an apron for her teacher that we gave to her at the beginning of the party. You can get really cheap aprons at Sam's Club in their food service section. I sewed ribbon at the top and then just did iron-on transfer paper. The heart is a stock design in scrapbook factory and the font is Mr. Giggles from 2peas. She put it on at the beginning of the party and then I gave her a red fabric marker for all the kids to sign it. This would be a great end of the year activity too.I didn't get many photos due to the fact I was two hands too short and this was when I was realizing my camera had seriously been injured from the fall.
It was an exhausting morning getting ready and a little overwhelming afternoon.. but I am now off to get ready for our Mardi Gras Party tonight! It is Holiday madness at our house!


Amy said...

Your creativity is endless. I love the apron so cute.

Amanda :-) said...

This report was a treat to read as I'd forgotten you still had the postponed Valentine's Party to do!

You worked so hard, it's frustrating when other mums don't share the same enthusiasm. They're really missing out on great memories.

AK's comment was funny!

Jenny said...

And you are asking how you were put in charge of the party??--I am afraid your secret got out in AK's school about your awesome creativity. I LOVE that apron. And homemade Valentines--wow.

We sadly didn't celebrate with NOLA food but yours looked yummy. Hope you guys had a great par tay!

Liz said...

WOw! What a fun party! I am amazed at all you did, almost by yourself and with two little ones along too. I am sad to say that Lindsey's class party was lacking in the fun department. I am one of the two room mom's, and last time I suggested a fun craft..she vetoed it quite loudly, and didn't even bother showing up this time. I would love to do more fun stuff, maybe another year. Thanks for your great ideas!

carlo said...

Hmmm, wondering why YOU were selected to run the party??????

Great ideas, great fun. Mrs Lee is lucky to have you!

Price Cream Parlor said...

The party looks so fun! Love the ideas that you came up with and laughed about the comment from the not so fun game! I think that I might just have to copy these fun ideas for next year! - Love the 'dig you' Valentines Day idea!!
You are a wonder!

Julie P said...

I LOVE it! Especially the apron. How I wish there was a mom like you when I was a teacher.

Kristy said...

What a fun party. You always add the extra touches to make things special. I bet that AK's teacher adored her new apron.

Jill said...

Those games sound really fun, I'm waiting for your idea book to come out so I can have them all in one place.

I just got a note home today that Teacher Appreciation Week is in 2 weeks, I need ideas for that.

michelle said...

What fun! I can't believe the tulle and ribbon on each chair! (Seriously? 100 yds of velvet ribbon for $1.00?!) I'm cracking up about AK's commment!