Saturday, March 24, 2007

Embassy Row
What is behind the Pink door?

We are the craziest people I know, and I know a lot of crazy people. Almost every Saturday we get all of our kids ready, load up the car, pull out of the garage and we have no idea where we are going.
Jeff and I were just laughing after a few miles saying where are we going? We have been wanting to go down to the Hirshhorn Art Museum for a few weeks and always get so distracted. We were torn between going up north or going to downtown. The car seemed to find it's own way down to the city.
On our way to the Hirshhorn, I punched in the Textile Museum into my Garmin and realized we were not to far, so again change of plans.
We hit Guapos for lunch. It is a great place that gives the kids tortilla dough that keeps them totally distracted. How nice that the container store was across the street so we could make a nice little sweep inside.

Look at the cool sink in the bathroom. It looked like a bowl of colored bubble gum

The Textile Museum turned out to be in Embassy Row. Oh my why have we not been to this neighborhood before? It is going to the top of my list of a must see for D.C. It was absolutely beautiful. The architecture was incredible.
The Textile Museum was great, small and quaint. What I loved was that everyone got a large magnifying glass to use throughout the museum. Is this not a brilliant idea to give to your kids when you take them to what may appear like a boring experience? I am going to get each of the girls one, to take on our journeys.A few houses down from the Textile Museum was the last home of Woodrow Wilson. (28th president of the United States) We walked in, found out the tour cost money, gave it a good look around and said, been there done that! We were not in the mood to pay to watch our kids ruin antiques, now for free.. maybe.

We have talked a lot about how much we have just soaked up this city and so much of the reason why is because all of this stuff is FREE! It is such a wonderful place and for cheap people like us, it is a perfect match.

... oh and the pink door. I don't know it was just someone's home on embassy row.


Kristy said...

I love that you guys take your kids out on adventures every weekend. These are experiences they will always remember. I really like that despite Jeff's busy schedule you make the time you have together really fun, quality time for your family. I think it would be easy to take advantage of your husband's day off by getting some help around the house, etc. but your girls won't really remember that 20 years from now. Instead they will be saying remember the day we went to ________as a family?!? I think that is cool and you are a great example to me to take advantage of the time we do have together to do something fun.

I've never been to embassy row and will definitely keep that in mind for my next DC trip. I love that city and the fact that everything is free is great too!

Jill said...

As always I'm so impressed with these outings you take your kids on. I always read about them and think of things I could take my kids to do, but then I remember that I really like to stay home so we don't go anywhere. Then you post about another great outing and I think "Dang it, why haven't we gone anywhere?" This week I'm taking them somewhere just for you!!

Those buildings are gorgeous, I love how each one has its own character.

Laurie said...

Love the pink door. And the pictures are great!

Mandy said...

The pink door is very enticing. Josh and I often get in the car and just drive-no where specifically. I love letting the road just take you where it wants you to go.

Jenny Dahl said...

a magnifying glass! Now there's a wonder. Nothing is boring when magnified beyond its usual size! Another wonderful adventure for your family! If I ever make it to DC I'll surely be hoping to get my hands on your list of must see's.

Jenny Dahl said...

Oh, and wouldn't we love to see what goes on behind a door. Especially one that is PINK!

Barb said...

D.C. has been rising to the top of my must-see cities at amazing speed! The problem is that the places to see list for this city keeps growing, and the trip itinerary is getting too long.

Elizabeth said...

I love when we pile in the car not really knowing where we are going. We just did that Friday night. It always turns out great.

Amanda :-) said...

That pink door is hilarious. The occupant could either look like a mad Barbara Cartland-type figure, or quite normal like you!

Our car often drives itself. We're completely the same here when it comes to working out where we're going at the weekends. I keep thinking the entire nation has its weekends mapped-out and we're the only ones who've woken up with blank canvases. So it's a comfort to know you and your fellow-bloggers are in the same boat!

michelle said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day. I am sure your kids will remember these memories forever. I love the pink door...tooooo cute!

carlo said...

love the magnifying glass idea! how neat.

hmm, embassy row may need to be added to our list...(it gets longer each time i read about your family adventures)

Lisa said...

Glad you discovered the Textile museum (needless to say it is one of my favorites)! They do some amazing family (hands-on) activities as well. Next time I get an email reminder I will forward it to you.

michelle said...

I want to know what's behind the pink door, too! It would be enough for me to just walk around and look at the architecture. The magnifying glass idea is pure genius!