Wednesday, March 14, 2007

field trip

off this morning to Mount Vernon with a bunch of 2nd graders. We are going to one of my favorite places Mt. Vernon. (this is a must see for anyone planning your D.C. trip)

A Big Happy Birthday Shout out to my freshman year roommate Michelle. Give her wishes here


sista # 2 said...

So much history & sites! So little time! I like how you take advantage of living there & seeing the most you can - I always enjoy
your tourist pictures;)
I too go on all the field trips -I love it. I did my SPT about a place
I learned of,by being with the cub scouts- on their field trip;) FUN!

Amanda :-) said...

Woo! What a great day you'll have! (barring any crises with wandering students!)

Don't mention things like scouts! I have a bee in my bonnet with the Brownies over here in the UK at the moment. I wanted to put Erin down to join (min.age 5) and was fully intending to volunteer to help out etc - but was told that there's such a dearth of volunteers at the moment that they can't handle the demand for girls to join. Apparently, to ensure she got in, I should've had her name down from BIRTH!!! She's nearly 5!

So, I'm wondering if I volunteer NOW, would they sneak her in?? It shouldn't have to work like that, should it? The parents of children who're already members should be volunteering to help out and supervise.

Anyway, well done you, Kristi, for 'doing your bit' and ensuring that kids can go on field trips like this!

Amanda :-) said...

Have to add, that to get Isla into Brownies I will be putting her name 'on the waiting list' any day now...

...she's ONE on Saturday.

What a joke.

Liz said...

Oh have so much fun! I love Mount Vernon!

carlo said...

Have a great time today! i can't wait to bring my girls to dc.

Barb said...

Have fun on the field trip. My kids always want me to come, which I'm appreciating more and more as they get older. I never want them to be too cool to ask me to volunteer for their school events.

I got your shamrockin' good mail today. I have plans for each element, but I can't stop playing with it as it is right now!

Amy said...

Thank you for the shamrock mail..your creativity continually amazes me.

George Washington is one of my favorite people EVER...I'm sure you'll learn so much on the field trip. Is there any better place for kids to be going to school than D.C., surrounded by history?!

Jamie said...

I'm always amazed at all the great places you visit and take your girls!

stacys said...

You have got to read "Mount Vernon Love Story" by Mary Higgins Clark. All about Mount Vernon and George and Martha's relationship. It is historial fiction. It was our first read for our Book Group. You will love it if you love Mount Vernon!