Friday, March 09, 2007

Good Mail has gotten some good plugs this week in blog land. If you are jumping in and want some Good Mail labels you can order them from Jill. The good mail concept she came up with is great but the labels is brilliant because it encourages the cause.

Bridget sent me this nice collection of pink and green goodness. post it notes, paper and ribbon. Thanks Bridget and i hope your injury gets better soon. (and I just realized my new nikon owner friend was not on my sidebar)

Lisa, sent this brilliant idea. I love seeing creative minds work, especially in the form of good mail. She sent sunflower seeds to plant a sunflower house. now I have to be honest I don't have high hopes it will grow in my little back yard, but girl i am doing it!! And will think of you everytime I see it's sprouts and will be reporting progess on my blog.
It was a welcome spring package and she sent some lemonade packets. As I was getting my camera downstairs I returned to them be cut open and sprinkeled all over the floor. It gave my house a nice lemony scent to welcome spring.
Sista #2 (who is Lisa's sister) also sent me something on the same day. It is a book of some of her favorite quotes.... HANDWRITTEN. So nice and that must have took a lot of time. I look forward to filling it up with more. She also sent this beauty of a package from Willams Sonoma. to me, as she was right, was the packaging. It is a Mousse kit, but the box is the beauty. Thanks, i know the box will make it to my creative center downstairs to hold pink and brown ribbon that is not on a spool. Thank you so much.
Amy M, comes up yet another brilliant idea with using one of her photographs as a thank you card. She just had a birthday . Ok seriously if you read my blog and have not seen Amy's work treat yourself to 15 minutes of ohh la la!Natasha got me with two good mailings before I could even get her with one thank you note! Great personalized cards from Doodlebugs. Thanks girl.

, sent a nice thank you . She is the queen of Happiness Makers R Us! She was a solo Valentine this year and I wish I would have known that or I would have sent you more hearts!


Jill said...

That's a lot of good mail right there. There is so much thoughtfulness and good ideas going around, it's so inspiring. It's too bad one of the girls dumped out your lemonade mix, but at least the house smelled lemony fresh.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Always love to see what others are receiving! Yahoo for you! Sorry about your lemonade! Hope you enjoy the sunflowers as much as we do. They are just HAPPY flowers!
I often wonder how much Jill has inspired GOOD MAIL across the nation. Too bad there isn't a tracking device so we can see the fruits of her labor of love!

sista # 2 said...

I like to see the good mail -pay it forward! Love the labels -you're right, it just adds to the fun! Glad the package arrived -that was serious snail mail! Glad you like ;)
happy friday -ciao said...

great goodies~i love it! Sorry about the lemonade... what a bummer!

amy m said...

That is a lot of thoughtfulness in your mail box. Bummer about the lemonade.

Your words about me are too kind, even still it means a lot.