Wednesday, March 07, 2007

one big beignet

Today if felt like someone was sprinkling powdered sugar over our whole town. The snow fell really slow and small and white like powdered sugar. It was mesmerizing to watch as the girls did for a very long time.This them from the outside looking in. I love this photo because you can see the cool row houses reflection in the window. If you missed Jill's outside/inside post you can read it here.

thoughts from my day.

  • i got lost in the elliptical machine at the gym and caught myself seriously dancing like a freak to the song Unwritten by Natasha B. I stopped myself and almost fell off laughing. someone probably had their cell phone and video taped it and is now selling it to
  • i can't thank everyone for their great ideas for songs, i think i may have mastered my gym song selections
  • it's official Country Living is my all time favorite magazine. i hope some of you got it last month with the $5.99 deal
  • i have always thought i want to live on a big piece of land on the outside of town, but when i went to the gym, post office, Cosi, bank and fabric store and only drove 4 miles round trip, i wonder if i could really ever move from this great little neighborhood life
  • mailed good mail today and walked out of post office skipping
  • jeff was home due to cancelled Mt. Vernon trip so i had a free morning
  • i feel like i have not time to read anyone's blogs and amazed at how busy my time with the girls have become. i barely can seem to find the time to write on my own and kind of sad about that. i have not even posted about our great Sunday.
  • felt like i am making headway with Caroline and her screaming. first time i think ever she didn't scream at me while washing her hair in the bath. i have been washing it everyday for 3 1/2 years.
  • jeff and i watched American idol, first time i have watched it since Kelly Clarkston. There are very few things I can watch on T.V. that I don't turn it off saying, "What a waste of time", but will probably still watch some this season.
  • after American Idol there was a new show that looked so great about sister's who are wedding planners (my secret dream job). OH MY! I turned it off after 15 minutes, is it just me or was that TRASH? there was a naked woman in my living room.
  • which reminds me of why i am so picky about movies. there was a movie on Netflix that we have been wanting to get for sometime. it was PG13 in the theatres, but on Netflix it had a UR rating (This film has not been rated by the MPAA (example: classic films, films whose DVD content differs from the original theatrical release, ) I don't know what that means but can only imagine it is worse. Then when I read the description that includes content, how many bad words, anti christian themes, graphic reference to pornography etc, i was blushing and thought why would i bring this in my home. What is amazing is from the commercials a few months ago it looked such a great comedy. I am amazed at how desensitized our society can become. ok off moral soapbox.
  • i talked to jill today which is always so fun because we play a little "blog soup". i have had so many emails regarding her good mail craze after Bek posted on design mom (another great blog)
just thoughts of the day, which are actually being written the day after, faking the date above. yikes can i catch up


Amy W. said...

I'm first? Wow. Loved your title you clever thing. The girls look just darling--I will say that over and over. As for the gym thing, I had to laugh. I find myself doing the same thing. But you know what? I look around and usually see I'm not the only one.

Congrats on making headway with the screaming!

Jill said...

Those are great pictures of the girls looking out at the snow, what an image to think of one big beignet.

It was good to talk to you as well, always a treat. It always feels like we can't talk fast enough.

I love that song "Unwritten" that you're talking about and bought it from itunes last week to add to my walking mix. I'm trying to compile the ultimate walking route mix, perhaps you could email me your gym playlist. Or I think it's on your sidebar I need to check it out.

I'm glad you had a free morning and that Caroline stopped screaming during the hair washing, yikes.

Liz said...

We had that same snow yesterday! It was like powdered sugar! I love your pictures!

I have a 4 1/2 year-old screamer, and I feel like every day is a work in progress because of it. I'm glad your making headway!

Isn't that designmom blog great??

carlo said...

kristi, i say the same thing about the little soft snow looking like poweder sugar! great minds think alike!!

Barb said...

I was so disappointed with Wedding Bells! I thought it would be a cute show, but I turned it off too. Lucky for me it sounds like I turned it off just before you did, because I didn't have a naked woman in my living room.

I'm going to share a website with you for edited movies you can buy, but it doesn't have my full endorsement:
We ordered some of our favorite movies that we wanted to share with the kids worry free. They do a great job editing the movies, but the service has been slow and some of the DVDs have been scratched. If you have an old favorite that you wish was 'clean' maybe this is the site for you.

Bek said...

I love that Jill started Good Mail and then you blogged about it and then I saw it and was inpired to make this part of my monthly routine (today Lulu even sent some to her friends...). Now if I could just be as inspired to go to the gym as you are...

Good job in the screaming. My 6 year old STILL screams during hair washing. Even the baby doesn't cry any more... I am not sure how you did it, I feel like I have tried everything...

Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas (btw... I am in Amy W's MIL's ward....small world...)

Amanda :-) said...

I love the girls' matching tops! I'm going to dress Erin and Isla in the same outfits for Easter. I've never matched their clothes before but I think it's soooo cute.

Adorable photo of them looking through the glass. The houses look lovely too. Do you live in some cutey little snowdome or something??

Kelly A. said...

Ahh the bathtub screamer. How about a whole post devoted to how you stopped the hair wash scream? I've been washing hair for 3 1/2 years too, and still screaming. I'll try anything!

Price Cream Parlor said...

LOVE the photo of the girls at the door with the row houses outside! Congrats on the bath routine with no screaming this time. Did you do something magically different?
I think that it is so fun to discover other links - thanks for sharing the write up on GOOD MAIL from DesignMom!

michelle said...

Great photos, great title. We just tell Eva that she is the little mermaid and sing her the song while gently laying her down and swishing her hair around in the water. I don't know why it works, but it does! Glad the screaming is subsiding.