Saturday, March 10, 2007


Even though I have not always sent good mail I have always had an obsession with stamps. I like sending stamps for the season, event or try to match the envelope. I have been that lady is looking through the book of stamps to see what is out to buy the cute stamps and then I make the line really really long.

Now I buy most of my stamps online so I can glance through all the themes and see what is coming out for the year. I love it and they come to my door.
You can check them all out here

I am very excited these come out April 7th! Especially since I am reading the Ben Franklin book Amy H sent me.

I always keep a book of these on hand and awesome to use on birthday cards.
Don't ignore the awesome additional postage stamps! the Chippendale chair above and the $.05 and $.01 stamps are my favorite ones. You can put 39 of them on a letter and almost cover the envelope. the other day I used all chair ones because I love that stamp so much.

So next time you are at the post office think beyond the flag stamp.

And don't forget about the awesome photo stamps you can do too.


Jill said...

You are more into postage than even I am! I like cool stamps and enjoy having them match the season or the envelope, but I don't have birthday stamps and haven't really explored the additional postage stamps. Lately I've been buying stamps through the automated machine when I'm sending good mail so it always gives the flag stamps. It's disappointing, but it's fast. Next time I'll order them online. (FYI--Claudia always has awesome postage, lots that I've never even seen before.)

Jill said...

Just so you know...I was the first one to post!

michelle said...

Very cool stamps, I LOVE the chair one! I need to explore them online because I usually just get them at the grocery store, and they only have boring ones. I'm not willing to stand in line at the post office, good thing they have a website!

Anonymous said...

I never think to get the cute ones- but I always notice when someone has used one and think then that the next ones I get I need to look for cute ones. I always buy them out of the machines so I am stuck with the boring flag ones- but I am going to look online now.

Liz said...

These stamps are so neat! I was wondering if they had a birthday stamp! I will have to buy some! Thanks for the great tips! And thanks for the cute shamrock mail, and birthday package (which I did not open yet!) So fun!

Amanda :-) said...

That's funny you're so particular about the stamps you use, Kristi - my friend (Clare) and I were at college together and mailed each other all the time in holidays and after we graduated and we were BOTH very, very particular to use the themed stamps! It must be a girl thing.

I also have to put them on the envelope dead straight! Control freak??

I'll have to look into ordering stamps online too. Holding up the queue IS embarrassing!

Laurie said...

LOVE the birthday stamps! Never seen those!

Amy said...

Very fun stamps. I love your informative posts...your excitement & energy bursts through so clearly!

Kelly said...

I love stamps, too! I just was looking online last week to see what was coming up. I love the chair and lamp ones, too. I never would have thought of using multiples of those on a letter, but that is cute!

lelly said...

i just picked up the children's book animals stamps, featuring curious george, the wild things, etc. very cute.

i think i've just started being particular about my stamps, and now i can see that maybe it is another 'blog thing' rubbing off on me!