Thursday, March 15, 2007

There are few things that compare to going through your stack of mail and seeing a colored envelope, sticker on the outside, or your friends handwriting in marker on an envelope.

I took Jill's advice and did a "Just Because" Wednesday mailing. No reason to send that person mail other than Just Because. It will be my new Wednesday tradition.

Here are some of my mailings this past week that made me jump when running to my mailbox along with my Leprechaun Mail that I sent out for St. Patricks day. (I would not normally show what I sent, but just thought it might spark some ideas for others)
My friend in TN had a new little girl and I loved her announcement. The scalloped border on a pink and green card, with pink gingham ribbon. I love the photo of her daughter on a chenille blanket.
it was fun to get a little thank you in the mail from Diana
This was a fun thank you to get in the mail from a new family moving in the area, finishing med school in Ohio and starting in Jeff's department. Unfortunately they have felt the sting of the real estate market here. I was lucky enough to watch her kids while they did the depressing high price house hunt. She said she made the pink card just for me. She had seen my blog before she met me (the blog world gets smaller) which is kind of scary.
Melanie sent this darling post card that had eyelash fringe on it. it made it through the mail. I love seeing what funky things you can put in the mail.
Michelle, sent these three banners for my girls to wear on St. Patricks day. You better believe we will be wearing them too! Thanks Michelle.
Bridget is so on the ball and sent some Easter Greetings. I love Easter time and am excited to put this on my memo board that I always fuss up for Easter. Thanks.

Carlo sent some great stickers along with a nice note to remind why to send Good Mail. it just makes someone day!

My Shamrockin Good Mail
I got this 25 yard roll of ribbon for $1.29 for the whole roll
love my Sizzix die cut machine that cut my felt shamrocks

my shamrockin good mail labels that I actually printed on
presentation paper and glued on with glue stick.

My pocket die cut, I cut two, sewed them with green thread and stuck on the clear label.
"Lucky Me for knowing you"
I was shooting for the Lucky Jean pocket idea, but don't know if it quite came across.
So fun to send out!


A. Buchanan said...

my questions is where did you find bulls eyes? don't worry about the tales, i had some put into a shake and injected into my bloodstream...

thanks a ton for the goods, lisa loves those sour straws....and then the gum, i am like the coolest in school.

Elizabeth said...

Those turned out great. I love your seasonal good mail labels and I think it is fun how you coordinate stamps and stickers. I remember doing that when I was younger writing to missionary friends.

Natasha said...

I loved getting my Shamrockin Good Mail from you! I always like to see what other Good Mail is circulating around - it's inspiring!

Melinda said...

Hey I found some easter cup cake toppers for you. They are really cute and I am putting them in the mail today. I do the same thing for my sons pre school snacks so I was happy to find some for myself also!

Kelly said...

I just got my Shamrockin' good mail today! My mom is visiting, and she was freaking out over the cuteness of such fun mail. Thank you!

Amanda B. said...

We had a Shamrockin' afternoon today! (We actually probably could have had it yedterday if I wasn't such a slacker about going to the mail box! But I really needed a pick me up today so it all worked out!) Liam can't wait to get his hands on the green straws!

Elizabeth said...

I just got some wonderful good mail. You are wonderful! Thank you.

Barb said...

I'm so glad you posted about how you made the felt shamrocks! I was wondering if it was with your sizzix machine. I have a friend with a cricuit machine, and I was asking her about doing fabric or felt, but she didn't know.

Mindy said...

we got ours!!! thank you! I've got my leprechan kisses assembly line going tonight!! Thanks for all your great ideas--just love you!

carlo said...

love the good mail bounty, especially the cards.

my shamrock pocket really brightens up my fabric board. thanks!

amy m said...

Your mailman must be in awe at all the good mail you receive.

I seriously love the ST. Patrick's day mail. Thank you for thinking of me. You're always full of good ideas.

lisa h. said...

oh, i need to be better and send some good mail! today was MATCH and I saw a certain Karen and her boys and she mentioned you and your blog - such a small world!

Julie said...

My brain is on overload from all of the super fun and amazing ideas you come up with! I get worn out just reading about it. Thanks so much for sharing!

Kristi Brooke said...

lisa, so funny I was emailing you almost the same time you must have been posting.
i had been thinking of sending you a box of matches all week for match day. i can't get on your blog, so please email to give me the scooop!!

Jill said...

Your pocket cards with the rainbow ribbon and felt shamrocks are so darling. Thanks for sending one to me!

I love all the good mail you're getting, there's so much thoughtfulness to go around!

Jenni said...

amazing as always, thanks for all the awesome ideas!!!

carlo said...

ok so you need your own little kbc store. or something! the little lamp signs would be a hit. totally sweet. i would buy one.

Barb said...

I copied you AGAIN! I made pocket hand outs for my YW tonight, and they turned out great. I just finished a post about it, and I made sure I gave you the credit!
(As if they wouldn't recognize where I got the idea themselves)
Thank you thank you thank you for posting and sharing and sending your creativity out here into the world. I truly appreciate your talent.