Friday, March 23, 2007

Well the good mail fairy's are striking again! Here is some sampling to hopefully inspire you to do the same.

I woke up yesterday to a bunch of purple balloons tied to my railing. Still don't know who they are from but am thinking it is someone who did enrichment the other night. I didn't go after my nice little test at Walter Reed (read below) I just was not up to it. The girls had a blast with them all day.
This good mail is going to crack you up! be prepared. This hand made card and gift below is from a fellow Pink Christmas girl Chelsea. I had sent her something recently that was made just for her. And if your name was Chelsea I would have sent it to you too. Check it out here.

so this is what she sent me.
Rice Kristies and Kristeaz Crumb cake. Ok, does it get any cuter than this!!
Chelsea is moving out west to Utah, so i am hoping she will make it to the blog party this summer!
Melinda really made my day with this wonderful package for my monthly cupcake making for our downtown ward. We have a dinner after church every month and I have been making holiday themed cupcakes. She went to a special cake decorating store and found these wonderful toppers for my Easter Cupcakes. Melinda, seriously you have done some real good here. The kids are going to LOVE them! I can't wait and I will let you know.
Jill sent one of her famous rub on cards. I have never seen these things in the store so i always love getting something with them on. She reports that the ribbon stash is dwindling, which makes me very happy. Tie it on everything!
my dear, pregnant friend Hannah sent me this kind and creative card. I have really thought of her a lot during this pregnancy and am grateful for friends during times like this.
Tasha is bringing back the preppy with her cute pink and blue card. i am glad she had a great birthday and my friend Vera can always liven up any celebration.
my sister in law kari sent me this great D.C. book. We will keep it warm until you guys come back. Thanks. We devoured it the other night! Great map in there too.
Kristen, just recently went to NY. She had asked everyone for any great spots to visit. I made my list for her, which of course were all food places. She did make it to Serendipity and was so nice to reward me with my recommendation. Dang, next time you go there is this great little place called Tiffany's, really don't miss it. My ring finger is a size 7. Thanks girl. Your trip sounded great and jealous of Regis and Kelly!
Jamie, took a big step in sending her first good mail and she said I was the first recipient. I had given her a hard time on her blog because she said she collects her junk mail and sends it back to the company who sent it to her. I told her to take that energy and send some good mail to friends. Welcome to the Good Mail Craft, girl you are doing great so far. She had a darling good mail label too. (Jamie is Mindy's sister in law... as Napoleon would say... LUCKY!)

oh my thought... why did I not use his face on my my St. Patrick's day card... next year!
My Pink Christmas Sister. Remember the girl who made this! for me. Syd, sent me a great little package of treasures. Thanks girl. I have big plans for the metal plaques.

Speaking of pink Christmas. you can sign up anytime on my side bar by clicking Pink Christmas 2007, but the official stuff comes out on July 25th.
Elizabeth sent this nice thank you for her "Forgive Quickly, Kiss slowly" tag. I have to say that was the funnest mail I have sent out, oh wait the Chelsea thing was fun too, oh the ribbon box was great... oh my who am I kidding... What good mail is not fun to send!
so get out and send it!!


Jill said...

Could I be first to comment??

Jill said...

Why yes, I was first to comment, how lovely. That's a serious load of good mail you've received this week. That was so sweet of Melinda to scope out all those fabulous cupcake toppers for you. And Chelsea's cleverness with the Kristi stuff is darling. By the way, I love that coffee cake mix and buy that all the time.

amy m said...

Lucky you indeed. That is a lot of thoughtful mail.

melanie said...

I love it all! How fun to make all those cupcakes! They will love them! I'll say it just like you...LUCKY!

Anonymous said...

My husband and his friends love that coffee cake mix and have renamed it 'cinnamon awesome'. Weird guys. I love the stuff from Chelsea- so clever.

michelle said...

How fun! That Kristeaz mix is definitely yummy - one of the few things I make from a mix. And I love that Melinda got you all that great stuff from Shepherd's! Love that store. Great cupcakes will be in your future.

Amanda :-) said...

Eeek! How do you fit in time, between sending and opening all your Good Mail, to use all this stuff?! It's hilarious!

This is all good. Keeping minds active - exercising creative corners of the brain. Lightbulbs switch on in my head when I read these Good Mail posts!

Jenmomof4 said...

Wow you are so lucky to get all of that fun mail!!! I really need to do that for some of my friends. I just took a girls trip to NYC last week and we went to Serendipity and had dinner and the forzen hot chocolate. It was so yummy!!

Jenn said...

I don't know how I found your blog but I come and read everyday. I love to see what you've written and I love to keep up with your good mail. I've started Good mail with my sister in laws and a couple of friends. :) Just wanted to come out of hiding and say thank you for the inspriation.


Nikki said...

My BFF sent me the link to you blog and I think I am totally addicted. I have been gone back and read entries from 2006. I am so inspired by you. Love, Love, Love all your great ideas.

BTW...was reading about your dad this morning and that is was from Helper...Too funny...My Mom was born in Emery, lived most of her adult life in California and just retired in Ferron.

Anyways, thanks for all the inspiration!!!


Kristi Brooke said...

nikki, thanks for your kind words. i can't seem to get to your blog.

Elizabeth said...

What a fun lot. I had a similar mri experience. I blame my claustrophobia on my brother telling me to climb into dryers and suitcases and such.

michelle said...

What fun good mail you received this week!!! I love the cupcake toppers.

Jamie said...

oh my word- that's some fabulous good mail! I'm sorry to hear about your MRI but glad my thank you came on the right day.
I'm totally laughing that you took a picture of the MRI sign...what do people say when you whip out your camera at a time like that? lol

I would have died in the tube!