Friday, April 06, 2007

day on the water.

Today we spent the day in Baltimore at the Aquarium which is right on the water and then drove down to Annapolis to finish off the day.
We are exhausted, full of yummy food and giddy from the fun we had.

This picture was taken of Jeff and his Sister and it was by far my favorite photo of the day!

My email box and mail box are overflowing and I can't wait till things slow down so I can actually write some thank you notes and answer some emails.


Tasha said...

Isn't the Inner Harbor GREAT! You can take the water taxi over to the place that inspired the National Anthem. Its awesome. Fort McHenry?

So glad you are having a great time!

Melinda said...

Looks like a great time with your SIL. I have only been back there once and I only had one day to go and see everything. I know, you can't. My older kids have been begging to go back for a visit. I can't wait till we can. Such great things to see. Love all the pictures.

Jill said...

I love Baltimore Harbor, the aquarium is awesome and the shopping is enjoyable. It's beautiful down there. Your photos are great (though sideways, ha).

Kristi Brooke said...

jill. funny. i had stuck my card in to download and then went to bed. i am glad you said that because i would have forgot to turn them. thanks

Amanda :-) said...

For a second I thought that picture was of J and YOU! I thought you'd cut your hair short for Spring!

Springtime by the water is always great. We love to go to the Lake District here around Spring, but it gets sooooo busy!

michelle said...

I love the Baltimore aquarium! We went there when I was pregnant with Lucas, wish we could go again. The rays, the sharks... so cool. Good shopping too! Great family day.