Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Egg Roll

When leaving the White House Lawn today, I wished I could have called everyone I know and done a large group call and shared my excitement for the great day I had with my girls.

Very last minute I got tickets to the Annual(since 1872) Easter Egg Roll on the White House Lawn. read history here.
Tickets are really hard to get and the story on how I got them is a post within itself, but I am not sure if I want to reveal my sources in case it could keep me from getting them again next year. If you see me, ask me in person, let's just say that I need to add, "resourceful" to my 100 list. (and I didn't even use any of Jeff's connections)

It was freezing outside and up until 10 minutes before I considered staying home and meeting my sister in law at Mt. Vernon. Jeff went back to work today after a fun Spring Break and I thought "do I want to do this with just me and the girls?" So glad I did! It was really hard to take photos and push the double stroller over the grass and chasing Caroline, but so worth it.
the girls each got a poster in our amazing goody bags

For you graphics people the tickets and logo were just amazing! the signage was just beautiful to look at.
Each child has the chance to roll a real hard boiled egg on the lawn just yards away from the front doors of the white house. The White House volunteer said they were boiled 5 weeks ago.Sally Jane and Annie Kate getting ready to roll.
Thanks Mimi for the new birthday dress for her to wear.
Caroline rolling away!

Now you Very Bradley fans, notice the QUILTED tablecloths... they are actual Very Bradley quits with her newest print Capri Melon. It was everywhere! Even on the face painting tables. Seriously they decorated with Vera Bradley quilts in my favorite print... I am playing with my girls on the White House lawn singing to Johnnie and the Sprites, The Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana, photo ops everywhere...does it get better than this?
This was Annie Kate with one of the MANY characters walking around the south lawn. Notice the fabric on her sleeves... yes Vera Bradley

Every PBS character was there. They even had a great Amelia Bedilia. I was tempted to ask her if I could take a self portrait of my in her cool hat, but didn't have enough arms to do so.

When we walked in we saw Denise Austin on stage 1, working out with Shrek. Funny combo huh?
They had a reading corner with famous people reading children books. We had missed Mary Pope Osborne, darn. But saw Kasey Kahne (some Nascar guy)


We then went over to one of the two performing stages and hit perfect timing for a mini concert, 5 feet from the stage of the Jonas Brothers. Annie Kate rushed the stage and her fingers in the air to try to touch them. I had both little girls in each arm and was singing every word and dancing like a kid.

We then went to the next stage and hit it perfect for Johnny and the Sprites. Jeff imitates him all the time and I was laughing the whole time. We love this show! Caroline and Sally Jane were jumping out of their skin they were so excited.

We had missed Hannah Montana the first time she performed, as it took a long time to get through security. We then overheard that she was going to perform again, we went back to the stage and waited out the next performance for Annie Kate to get as close as possible. Me and the little ones stayed in the back. I don't know if there would be anyone that I would be more excited to see than these kids stars. I was like all the 10 year olds around me, screaming and dancing. This was the best photo I could get.

As we left all the kids got a goodie bag from President Bush. A box of peeps, crayons, coloring book, book mark, the book "Guess How Much I Love You?" and a wooden egg with the year and his signature. (they are already selling them on eBay)

President Bush was in Arizona working on Border Patrol but we saw Laura Bush just before she went into the White House and she waved goodbye to everyone.

This was the sign on the way off the lawn, "See you next year"
You better believe it!

The photos from the day.


Elizabeth said...

I had to check back for this account. That sounds so fun. I am glad you braved it by yourself and had such a great time.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kristi. Just wow.

What a great day and so much fun for your girls and for you it sounds like :)

Loved the chocolate bunny in my mailbox today- thank you so much!

Barb said...

You are so great to take advantage of all the fun your city has to offer!

Marcie said...

I had just read the "White House Easter Egg Roll" book to my kids tonight as they went to bed. (you have it don't you) It was then "wierd funny" to see your post as I was browsing tonight. I can't wait to show my kids your pictures of the real thing. So cool!
I had a student who got to go to it and the President's children's Christmas dinner every year and I loved to see her pictures. (Her grandpa was Clinton's pastor, talk about connections!)

melanie said...

Amazing day Kristi! I am so glad you decided to go. I would have felt like a 10 year old too. And Vera Bradley everywhere? That is seriously cool!

Love the photo with SJ and AK, so cute! And I can just imagine Caroline running everywhere, too funny!

Your Easter good mail is fabulous! So creative and fun, it made my day!

Kelly said...

Wow! I can't think of a better word -- just wow! I'm glad you braved it, it seemed completely worth it. So fun!

andrea said...

What a great way to spend the day. That looks like such an incredible experience.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Incredible! Thanks for letting us live it vicariously through you. What a fun opportunity.

Anne said...

Some Nascar guy, Kristi? Just some nascar guy?!? Kasey Kahne just happens to be the greatest driver in all of nascar. Well at least I think so. I even have a hat, a matchbox car and a jacket with his number on it. I love him. I'm glad you got a picture of him, he's handsome! Ok, so I'm a nascar nerd, forgive me! :)

What an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing!!

carlo said...

Wow. What a wonderful day. So glad you braved it with the girls. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do,right?? :)

Awesome account of the day and it sounds fantastic!

Natasha said...

Wow, what an awesome opportunity!As usual it was fun to see all your great pics of the day. You always seem to capture the events so well.

Michelle A. said...

Really, how did you get them? We are coming to DC for the 4th of July firework celebration -somehow I'm going to have connect with you and ask!

What an experience! And what a gem of a memory. Glad you had fun - thanks for this post!

Jenny said...

What a fun outing. Although, not sure I would brave it alone in cold weather. My kids would have been head over heals with Johnny & the Sprites and Hannah Montana. We are huge Disney fans.

So many great photos!

Kristi Brooke said...

anne, i knew there would be a nascar fan out there who would think i was crazy for not getting his autograph. he was a cutie and read a book about cars.

anne, next year if you want to go, i have two extra kids that you could get in with. you would really love it.

Lisa said...

What a fun day! The Easter egg roll at the White House is truly "done up right". Their attention to detail is fabulous. Unfortunately our connections consist of standing in line for tickets at the Ellipse in what feels like the middle of the night (actually just very, very, early in the morning)! Glad you had connections!

Heather said...

What an amazing day! The smiles say it all!

Bevan said...


I just checked the internet and it looks like Easter Monday is March 24th (a whole week after the ides of March), so we can definitely come visit next year. Just don't make me pick up the tickets.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Honestly the things that you are doing with your children just amaze me! The memories that you are creating are wonderful - lifetime experiences! Hats off to you for being # 1 Mom!
This looks like so much fun! Hooray for connections or being resourceful! Kuddos to you for going solo!

A. Buchanan said...

my new hobby is finding the weirdest things on ebay, that is totally funny. that one is going for 33 bucks from 2005, let me know what the link is for the one you saw.

Amanda :-) said...

Was this all FREE, Kristi?? I'm gobsmacked at the time and effort that went into it. I don't think anything on that scale is laid on for children in our Capital. Shameful.

Don't know who all the celeb names are you mentioned, but giggling at thought of you getting excited by it all.

You must've been absolutely shattered after all that. And the girls. What a fabulous day out!

Kristi Brooke said...

Amanda, Free with a capital F!

i didn't mind paying the $18.00 in parking because of all the money i saved in taking my daughter to see Hannah Montana!

Rachel said...

I am living vicariously through this post! What amazing memories for your kids (and of course you, as well)! Thanks for sharing such a 'chance in a lifetime' experience!!! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

Rachel said...

Oh and my husband would love that Kasey Kahne was there (nascar fans baby)!

Liz said...

This sounds like it was absolutely the funnest (is that a word?)! So glad you were able to go!

Ben and Laura said...

Sounds like the perfect day! Glad you shared it with us!

Kristy said...

Holy cow! This is awesome. As an event planner I always love looking at the details of an event and you did a great job of capturing them in photos. I've always wondered what it would be like to be an event planner for somewhere like the white house. Wouldn't that be cool??? It looks like you had a great time. I was giddy for you just reading this post.

Amy said...

I would be right there with you as excited as ever to see all of those PBS and Disney people. What an incredible day!

Kari said...

Oh I'm SO envious! My kids would have LOVED that !! How lucky are you to get to participate!!

I'm happy that you are taking all of this in while you live there!

Good for you guys!

Anne said...

Ooh, don't tease me Kristi! I would totally play surrogate mom!

Elisa said...

I have heard about this Easter tradition on the news almost my whole life. I am so glad you let us see first hand what it is like. Your girls are lucky to have a mom who will venture out rain or shine for memories.

About the McD dolls, I think I have them all amazingly enough. Lara's (TX girl) Mom found Glenda for me and then my mom and sisters, and sister in law have found everything else I was missing. Your mom offered to break her collection to send me her Glenda which was SO sweet and so like your mom. I need to let her know someone found another one for me. This blogging can do wonderful things.

amy m said...

Wow what a day. It must be amazing living in DC. I really am impressed you guys get out and do so much.

love all the photos.

michelle said...

Now THAT looks fun!! I'd love to know what resourcefulness got you into the egg hunt this year. You had to do it, I doubt anyone wanted it more than you!

Lauralee said...

I just have to say that is amazing!!! WOW!! what a treat! that lady in the egg costume.. is just something.. I would love to do something like that! what an opportunity! you are truly blessed!