Thursday, April 26, 2007

little blog "Catch-up"

Saturday was probably one of our favorite days of going downtown. The GW Parkway was beautiful. We parked at the Marina and biked/walked/jogged into Old
Town Alexandria, VA. The weather was incredible. I am playing around with a new video program and making a video of the day, if I get it done I will post it.

We had a baby sitter for the night and got to go to the BYU Management Society Annual Gala Dinner. It was at the Marriott on Georgetown Campus. President Thomas S. Monson was the Public Service Leader recipient. His talk was incredible. He spoke all about how our church aids in world wide needs. I left there wanting to do more and make a difference. It was like General Conference only eating a stake dinner at the same time and being 30 feet from the speaker.
We ran into some friends from Utah, that now live in Virginia. We have not seen them in 10 years. That was such a treat and hopefully we will get down there and see them this summer. It was a fun reunion.

Sunday was great because we got to see a friend from New Orleans and go to church with him. Having nice weather makes it so nice to drive downtown. Everything is blooming.
Eric came over for dinner and got to see our CRAZY kids. It brought back a lot of memories for me of living in New Orleans, which are always great memories. (can you believe I did not take a photo?)
Monday the girls and I spent the whole day outside. We walked to the park and did lots of "under dogs" on the swing set.
Walked to the library. While there we discovered this great room you check out for you family for the whole hour. It is a dream play land for kids. It was packed with great toys that really got the kids pretending. There was a dress-up section. Caroline was Belle the whole time we were in there. But can you believe this mask was part of the collection?
they always have used books people bring in that you can buy. If I wouldn't have been on foot i would have bought these and sent them to Jill to look through. I did see Gone with the Wind in there.we found the frog on the way home and have enjoyed him more than I could have imagined. We took him back last night and tried to catch a new one, but no luck. Hopefully this weekend we can get a new one to bring home for a few days.


the baker family said...

Kristi - love the catch-up ketchup you are beyond creative. What a great room at the library. I have never seen that before. Thanks for sharing all the fun things you do. I want to go out now and spend the day outside discovering fun things about my town.

Elizabeth said...

That is a great library rook. What a fun outing with the kids. My kind of outing.

carlo said...

seriously cool idea for the library room.

and your catch up? so clever!!

stacys said...

Oh how I love the library room you "check out"! I want one at mine!! Sounds like a great weekend and I love that you had a "guest" from the pond. Great way to have a pet without all the fuss. Do you remember when we brought in the super tiny turtle we found to the church nursery in Nashville? So fun! And you know how I feel about your ketchup/ scare me with how clever you are! :)

Stephanie said...

;Great pictures, fun times! You guys seem to have the most fun! That is the best idea at the library...a kids room.

Love the "catch up" bottles. That is the best!

Amanda :-) said...

Urgh, that mask in the playbox is outrageous. That needs binning!

Glad you saw Monsieur Froggy again. We've got a zillion tadpoles in a bucket here. We need to share them out FAST! Can you airmail tadpoles???