Wednesday, April 04, 2007

our Wednesday activity.

Our Easter week is filled with an activity every night representing what Christ did his last week of life. From what I have studied, there is no real documentation of today.
I picked up this game at our church bookstore and it is great.
We played it tonight for only about 5 minutes, with lots of screaming and throwing, but I will say it is a great game if you ever see it, pick it up.
I think any Christian book store may have it. A bargain for $12.99.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments from yesterday, and to think I almost skipped it.


Laurie said...

This looks neat.

I just noticed your comment about the cute fabric bunny baskets. They were $12 ea.

Kari said...

Looks like a good game, educational and fun!

JKB&E said...

Hi Kristi,
We do the same thing during Easter week with our boys, focusing on what happened each day. It's so fun! And I think they're finally starting to get it...
A few years ago I discovered the "Gospel Harmony" section of the Bible Dictionary. It goes through and lines up all the events in the Savior's life chronologically, giving you the references from each of the 4 Gospels. The last week of His life is documented by day, so you can see exactly what happened on each day (yesterday was the 2nd day before Passover). It took me a while to figure it out, but now it's great because I can just flip back there and read exactly what happened each day to the boys...
If this doesn't make sense, call or email me. It's a really great resource!

Amanda :-) said...

FAAAAAB! I want this game! I'll have to look for this from a UK supplier though - or cobble together my own 'version' of it!

Thanks for sharing where you're up to with your advent activities. I was wondering how it was going. LOL that the game was played with screaming and throwing! If it's a dice game, Erin would be the same. She hasn't twigged that dice results are random and has a meltdown if she loses a board game.

By the way, I tried to comment on your SPT 3 times y'day and Blogger kept losing it! Great words from everyone, though. What food for thought it all is! :-D

Price Cream Parlor said...

Great idea, I am going to check that game out. We usually only focus Friday, Sat and Sun..but I think the last week of Christ's life is a great way to celebrate this joyous season!

Jenmomof4 said...

What a nice tradition for you and your family!!

I wanted to let you know that I linked to you at my blog about your cute craft that you and your daughters did with the carrots. I hope you don't mind. Jen

Jill said...

We haven't done anything about Easter week yet, good grief, it feels like I'm always well-intentioned and overwhelmed with life.