Monday, April 02, 2007

Suburban Life... I love it!

I still always dream of myself on a big front porch with my gardening gloves, in a old restored home on some plot of land, but until that day or if that day never comes, I love suburbia!
We live in a neotraditonal neighborhood, that is quaint, charming and oh so convenient! We can walk to church, school and the grocery store, wholesale bead shop, the craft store, two lakes, post office, gym, Lowes and every yummy restaurant.
Our entire neighborhood had an Easter Egg hunt last Saturday. The clubhouse put it on and it was ever so dreamy!
They had people to do face painting and tattoos.
Very yummy food that was so kid friendly. I love that they got the kids favorite chocolate milk.

I just loved this photo of Caroline beginning the hunt, she was just so happy and I was thrilled to catch her natural laugh.

But this had to be the best photo of the day and was years in the making. These neighborhood hunts have always proved to be a disaster in our family. The ones where the eggs are scattered everywhere and marked off by rope and are hunted by age group. Annie Kate has always been very timid in times past and picks up one egg and becomes numb after that. 45 seconds later the field is empty and we leave with her in tears and one egg. This year was the first time she got the guts to get out there and hunt. But we did leave with the other two crying. SJ & CBshe made up for it at the second hunt with just our close neighbors

So until I go move out to the farm I am soaking in this suburban life all I can. Who knows maybe I will never be able to leave it.
Target had these spring coats for $14.99

Here is a little craft project for you embroidery girls.
Wool Felt
Easter Bunny graphic from Tyme 2 Stitch.
Font from BunnyCup Embroidery
After stitching to one side sew another piece on back and cut around edge with pinking shears


Jenny said...

That's a great photo of your family. I love great big Easter egg hunts. That is some serious candy!

It makes me wish I was in AZ. My MIL does a big 100+ egg hunt for all the kids. So fun.

Price Cream Parlor said...

We lived in an awesome community in Florida that would do this very thing and I loved it! What great photos you are able to capture!! Ah, to live in the country, on land, on the front porch wearing gardening gloves! My dream as well!! One day?

Lauralee said...

I love your dream.. the other day driving thru my little town I was thinking how lucky I feel to be living here... it is like my dream..
your Annie Kate looks so much like my oldest Emmalee.. WIERD.. I saw your fam picture and I had to look twice.. my emmalee is almost 9 she parts her hair right down the middle ( I try to talk her out of it almost daily) and it is always in a pony.. and her eyes look the same as AK when she is smiling! I need to post a picture...
fun easter egg hunt.. we have had those same things happen.. tears w/ 1 egg.. hope this Sat. goes better!

Elizabeth said...

What a great capture of AK. I love a good Easter egg hunt.

carlo said...

I think the AK pic is priceless. My Cass was always timid at the big hunts, until Ellie came along and then she snapped out if for some reason. Your pics made me so excited for our hunt on Saturday. It is crazy and over in 3 mins it seems. The girls love it.

Amanda said...

How guys always seem to have things to do. I would love to be able to walk everywhere! I love that picture of Annie Kate--makes me think total score! That's what my girls always say.

Jenmomof4 said...

What a great family photo! It looks like you had so much fun! I love the monogramed Easter basket that you did.

Julie said...

That looks like so much fun! I also LOVE the embroidery for the Easter baskets. You know that I am saving my pennies for a machine. I have been taking note of everything I would like to "customize." So fun!

Anne said...

Such cute pictures! I love Easter egg hunts. I will be in Utah for Easter this year and I'm looking forward to watching my niece and nephews go hunting. My neighborhood throws an enormous hunt, I'm excited to experience it one more time.

Allison said...

Sounds like an amazing day! I think life in Suburbia is dreamy for now.

Great pictures!

Jill said...

Your neighborhood sounds so enchanting, I wouldn't want to leave either.

I love the Easter Egg Hunt photos and think the crying ones are hilarious. It always ends that way doesn't it?

Amanda :-) said...

Hang on, where's the 'hunt' bit in a hunt where you just charge around and scrabble up as much as you can?? We don't do our hunt like that. Eggs are few and far between with clues that you have to follow. Erin just hunted down 8 hidden rabbits in our garden centre today and won one Lindt bunny as a prize. I've just made 10 clue markers for her garden hunt on Easter Sunday. Well, they're not CLUES, actually - just lots of little rhymes from the Easter bunny.

I hate that your girls come away from those 'hunts' upset, Kristi. It shouldn't be a mad, greedy scrabble. But maybe I'm not understanding it properly.

The important thing is that I'm glad AK's gaining more confidence. From what you've said about her input in your ward, she sounds great.