Friday, April 20, 2007

Wow, this week has brought some fun, springy good mail. I am loving that yesterday proved to give good weather to do some photos on my good mail tree.

Elizabeth, our Hawaii friend, just sent some awesome royal mail. I loved the stamps on the front, pineapple stickers everywhere and when I opened it all these silk flowers slide out. I loved it.

she put in these great flowers, that I will find a use for. I love that the reminded me of the Cherry Blossom Festival.
Amanda shared some of her creativity. With a fairy spring card.

It has this great poem on the back of this handmade bookmark/card. Thanks Amanda. Have you seen the amazing birthday box she put together for Chelsea's birthday.
Andrea, the shoe queen did a fast turn around. I am almost wondering if she drove it down here. Thanks for the yummy cheetah candy bar and shoe card, OK so how do you thank a thank you for a thank you....
Magazine subscriptions make the best gifts. my friends holly and Emily gave me "Food Everyday" for my birthday. Every month when i get it i think of them. Thanks again.
My cousin, Laurie M, sent this great card with an awesome envelope too. I love the string closure on envelopes.
Heather sent her baby announcements already, on the ball, wow! I loved that she used the Happy Birthday stamp, perfect way to announce a baby. They are great cards from tiny prints! love that site.
Jenny sent some great pink playing cards. I hope these bring me good luck so I can beat my husband in any card game we play. Yummy candy bars came too along with a great talk on Sacrifice and the Sacrament. Thanks. ( the candy bars were not available for the photo)

these fun pineapple socks and pink and green baking cups came from my mom, with a great card about not running faster than I have strength, oh how well does she know me. yikes.
i had ordered a bunch of stamps recently and these came the same day only in a different envelope. I threw the packaging away and think someone might have sent them to me! but I don't know who, because I know I didn't order them. So thank you to whomever did.

... and how in love am i with the graphic of the kids dancing around the tree!


Natasha said...

I want to know where Andrea found that pink cheetah paper! My Luci is pink Cheetah crazy. Luci even inspired Kacey from Doodlebugs pink Cheetah stationery design. We had a pink cheetah print 2 tier b'day cake too!
So fun to see the good mail! I sent you a piece of good mail today, but nothing fancy.

Heather said...

The graphic is sweet! As is, all of that good mail! What a great week of generosity you have had. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jill said...

I adore your good mail tree and am so glad it bears such abundant fruit.

Elizabeth said...

So fun to see everything hanging on you tree. This was just a pleasing post.

Jenn K said...

Kristi, Thank you soooo much for my good mail. You rock, the ribbon is awesome. I have alot of ideas to put it to good use.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Barb said...

That is such a cute tag at the top of the post. The kids dancing around the good mail tree must be exactly what mail time is around your house.

carlo said...

wow on the good mail! love the graphic!

melanie said...

Your graphic is darling! I love your tree, it has the greatest 'fruit'!

Amanda :-) said...

Your Good Mail tree is such a brilliant idea! And the logo for it is so gorgeous. Did you design all that yourself??

What is great about your Good Mail tree is that you're reassuring me that Good Mail can be very, very simple and it's still lovely. A simple card is enough to make US go 'ooooh!', so YOU must be going 'aaahhh!' when you get them!

Kristy said...

I love your good mail and that you put it on a tree. Very cute. I also love Everyday Food magazine. It has the best and easiest recipes in it! I also love that it teaches you things like how to cut up a pineapple and how to filet fish!

Kelly said...

Love the graphic, and I love that the good mail tree wasn't a one time deal! So fun.