Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yea for Aunt Debbie.

We had a great day downtown with Jeff's sister, Debbie, who came from Seattle to give us a visit. We loved showing her and Claire the love we have for this city.

We ate at the Museum of the Native American, what a shocker! It was yummy and I am hoping Debbie can figure out how to reproduce my favorite wild rice salad.

We went the Jefferson Memorial to see the Cherry Blossoms on the Tidal
Basin. I am so glad we did, because in a few more days they may have blown away.

They had wishing trees, where you could write your wish and tie it on.
Annie Kate:
I want to be so, so, so rich and have 3 wishes
Oh my what am I teaching her?

I wish I was a princess.
ok now that is better.It was like snowing pink with the wind blowing!

Debbie and I went to the FDR Memorial. I had never walked the whole thing and it was awesome. This was my favorite quote that got me a little choked up.



Natasha said...

Oh Kristi I love your snowing pink pic. Cute quotes by the girls too! I mailed a package to you yesterday. I got a deal on a book that I just couldn't resist for your little "Linderella." Should be there soon. I know I am spoiling the surprise but oh well!

Kristy said...

These are great pictures! I also love that FDR quote...something we could all live by.

Amanda :-) said...

The girls' wishes are gorgeous. AK's is funny. Wonder what she thinks 'being rich' entails?
I love 'interactive' things like that.

Do Jeff and Debbie both have dimply cheeks? LOL! I'm glad they got time to spend together. He looks v.protective of her.

Amanda :-) said...

Oh, I forgot to ask...did you tie a wish on the tree, Kristi?

Kristi Brooke said...

amanda, can you believe i didn't. what was i thinking????????

Liz said...

The wishing tree is very cool.

I love cherry blossoms.

That quote is very inspiring, and I think sums up what your family is doing in your downtown ward.

Julie said...

I'm so glad you got to go downtown to see the blossoms! LOVE them! The wish thing is fun too. I hope you have a great time with the visit!

Jill said...

The cherry blossom pictures are stunning. What a great time to be in D.C.

I love the idea of a wish tree, and I love seeing the girls' wishes. So cute.

Michelle A. said...

Loved the pictures and your girl's wishes were really sweet - even the part about being really rich!Glad you had a great time!

Kelly said...

I really don't know what I love more, the cherry blossoms, the wish trees, or that quote! Thanks for sharing all of them. I bet there are some tender tender wishes to be read on those trees.

Dana said...

I got a little choked up over that saying too. Wonderful words of wisdom.

Tasha said...

I love love love FDR quotes. Great pics! I am so glad you are getting to spend time with Debbie and Claire!

amy m said...

love the wishing tree.

michelle said...

Beautiful photos. I love the wishing trees. So glad you went there before the blossoms all blew away!

Jordan said...

Love the virtual historical sites tours I get on your blog!!

deidra zoe said...

You should take advantage of the free concerts and performances at the Tidal Basin (thanks Target for adding one more great thing to already stunning cherry blossoms). My husband used to perform there (when we lived there). It is such a good time. Enjoy the cherry blossoms for us--we (mostly me) miss them so much!