Sunday, May 06, 2007

almost 13 years ago!

Last Sunday our Home Teacher came over at 8:00 am - yes AM, because it was the only time it could work for us that month. Is that dedication or what? We really have a wonderful home teacher and his dedication is an example to us.
He typed up a summary of the lesson he gave us for us to read over.
The lesson was on Marriage.

Quote: "I can also speak of great happiness because, thanks to my beloved wife, I have found in marriage the richest fulfillment of human existence."

How can marriage be constantly enriched? Ask yourself these questions

  1. Am I able to think of the interest of my marriage and spouse first before I think of my own desires?
  2. How deep is my commitment to my companion, aside from any other interest?
  3. Is He or She my best friend?
  4. Do I have respect for the dignity of my spouse as a person of worth and value?
  5. Do we quarrel over money? Money itself seems neither to make a couple happy, nor the lack of it, necessarily, to make them unhappy. A quarrel over money is often a symbol of selfishness.
  6. Is there a spiritually sanctifying bond between us?
Key Practices
  • Prayer
  • Trust
  • Virtue
  • Divine Presence
  • Tithing
  • Parenthood
I have never thought of typing up a cheat sheet to leave with those you home or visit teach... but I love the idea!


Amanda B. said...

Your Home Teacher and his wife are a lovely couple! I think its great you posted a wedding picture!

michelle said...

I also think it's a great idea to leave a "cheat sheet" about the lesson! Great food for thought. I am so selfish, I have such a hard time thinking of the marriage before myself...

deidra said...

I ripped open the Ensign and read it as soon as we got it. It also happened to be a Monday, so that's what Chris and I did for FHE. I loved that message so much!

Jill said...

An 8:00am visit? That's dedication and more than I'd be happy to host. I should print this cheat sheet because I need help.

Michelle A. said...

8 am is dedication! Really sweet picture of you and your husband and great cheat sheet idea. Craig and I are almost at our 14th anniversary - it doesn't seem like that long - I guess time flies when you're married to the right guy!

Elisa said...

I loved the lesson last month on marriage. Darin and I just found out that a really good friend had an affair and it has thrown us both for a loop. I couldn't stop thinking about it and it really bothered me. I picked up the Ensign and read the HT message and couldn't believe the feeling of peace that came over me.

Barb said...

We have been blessed with many great home teachres over the years. Never had an 8am visit, though!

Amanda :-) said...

I have to say, we are big fans of tithing. Our lives are certainly enriched since we placed a greater emphasis on it.

Ooh, for 13 years of marriage your anniversary gifts are LACE in the Traditional list, or TEXTILES in the Modern list. Modern list also says FUR, but I don't wear my friends :-/