Monday, May 07, 2007


I have been on a huge library kick again, as I have 27 items currently checked out.
When I went to pick up one of my holds, i passed by this book and had to pick it up.
It is by Ruth Krauss who also wrote the Carrot Seed that I recently talked about.

Oh, if you get a chance to check out this book do! It is for adults and kids and anyone.

front cover of the book reads:

What would you say about eyebrows? Miss Krauss and the many children who made suggestions, revisions, additions (and subtractions) to this book say, "Eyebrows are to go over eyes." A face? "A face is something to have on the front of your head." Also, "a face is so you can make faces." Hands? Well, hands are to hold. And also "a hand is to hold up when you want your turn." "A party is to say how-do-you-do and shake hands" and also a "a party is to make little children happy." Of course, a borther is to help you, a package is to look inside, arms are to hug with, and a book is to look at.

I thought it would be fun to ask the girls the same questions in the book. If I come up with any funny answers I will let you know.

  • Mashed Potatoes are ?
  • A face is?
  • dogs are?
  • mud is ?
  • dreams are?
  • a teacher is?
  • toes are?
  • a whistle is?
So here are my 6 words I would love to know your definitions it is for anyone who reads this. You can comment if you wish or consider yourself tagged and post on your blog.

beautiful ribbon is - to share with others when you can get it really really cheap.
books are - to sit on my side table and wonder when they will get finished
flowers are - to photograph
chocolate chip cookie dough is - to be eaten by the spoon and not cooked
postage stamps - are to be used and never laying around the house
a blog is - to share ideas


Anne said...

beautiful ribbon is - used to make things even more beautiful
books are - read last chapter first
flowers are - to tuck behind my ear
chocolate chip cookie dough is - always eaten in excess resulting in an upset stomach
postage stamps - are impossible to find when I need them
a blog is - to help me remember what i've done with my life

Lacie said...

I love the idea!

beautiful ribbon - to add to gifts as a finishing touch
books are- to read a night once the kids are sleeping soundly in bed (some of my favorite time spent)
flowers are- to stop and smell (and watch your kids smell)
chocolate chip cookie dough is- to make your house smell yummy (once baked)
postage stamps- to remind you there is good mail to be sent (there are several of us "new girls" that have started the good mail within our group-thanks!)
a blog- to stay close to friends that we have moved away from and to make new ones!

ok- I wrote a book (HeeHee)!!

lelly said...

beautiful ribbon is - something i have only ever admired from afar.
books are - eluding me at this point in my life
flowers are - doomed in my garden!
chocolate chip cookie dough is - meant to be made from scratch using a wooden spoon
postage stamps - usually mean good mail (as opposed to postage meters, which usually signal bills!)
a blog is - my home away from home

Missy said...

beautiful ribbon is - really fun to use.
books are - to get soggy while reading in the bathtub, or sandy while reading at the beach.
flowers are - to smell and touch.
chocolate chip cookie dough is - to be eaten one finger-ful at the time before the dough ever hits the cookie sheet!
postage stamps - are to be bought in all of the cutest varieties and used to send good mail to all of our friends (old and new)
a blog is - to share ideas, and photographs and thoughts about life!

Amanda :-) said...

I'll ask Erin for definitions too and let you know!

Will answer your others on my blog too.

Love the cover of that book.

katherine said...

beautiful ribbon-gets used over and over again because no one is willing to throw it away.
books keep the mind from getting dusty.
flowers makes a person want to dance around like Gene Kelley in Singing in the Rain.
chocolate chip cookie dough is best in ice cream.
postage stamps are an endeavor I'm working on.
a blog is away to keep in touch with others and a way to keep in touch with myself.

Holly said...

Beautiful ribbon is a special touch to dress up gifts, cards, scrapbooks--just about anything.

Books are my mind's escape and adventure.

Flowers cheer up everyone and everything. Fresh cut ones are an occasional happy splurge.

Chocolate chip cookie dough, in either form, is the perfect food.

Postage stamps bring you good mail.

A blog is an addicting creative outlet.

Jill said...

Beautiful ribbon is for wrapping presents and making them so pretty that it doesn't matter what's inside.

Books are full of endless wisdom and possibilities, and are a reward for making it through a long day.

Flowers are splashes of color that cheer the soul and decorate life.

Chocolate chip cookies dough is one of the tastiest things around.

Postage stamps are the first thing I look at when mail arrives at my house, and are torn from the envelopes and saved.

A blog is an interactive journal that has transformed my life in many ways.

Shauna said...

Beautiful Ribbon is something I cannot get enough of!

Tina said...

Beautiful ribbon is what I collect to put in my future daughter's hair.

Books are a way to escape, for a moment, from the realities of life.

Flowers are a gift that Heavenly Father gave to us.

Chocolate chip cookie dough is made from love and a stress reliever.

Postage stamps make a great gift.

A blog is something that I admire that people do and hope to start one some day.

lisa h. said...

I will be checking out that book soon!

michelle said...

So cute. I love Maurice Sendak.

Beautiful ribbon is fun to collect, impossible to have too much of, strokable, great for adding pizazz to gifts, cards, hair, anything! Something I like to save and re-use.

Books are essential to me. Have to have a stack of them waiting to be read. Eye-opening, life-affirming, wisdom with two covers.

Flowers are a beautiful luxury.

Chocolate chip cookie dough should always be made from scratch and results in my favorite treat. A dangerous one, because I can't stop!

Postage stamps are elusive, I never seem to have enough!

A blog is the best way I've found to communicate with family and friends, get feedback and affirmation, gain new ideas and new friends!