Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Factory tour

Here is a great site if you are really iterested in visiting a factory in your area. Whenever on vacation check the area you are going to see if there is a fun factory to visit.


Elizabeth said...

A great link. Thanks!

A. Buchanan said...

dang PA has sooo many! Utah has some candy ones I want to check out, I am surprised Black Diamond didn't make it on there, their climbing factory is soooo cool.

stacys said...

great resource for stuff to do this summer when its so hot here in Texas. Thanks!

Amanda :-) said...

American businesses have it so sorted in terms of marketing and PR. I emailed our nearest sweet factory, Swizzles, to ask if they did tours and their reply - IN FULL - read:

Further to your email we are sorry but we do not provide factory tours.

They're missing such a great opportunity, and their PR people sound laaaaaazy, laaaaaazy!

Wish we had a GB map like that :-(

carlo said...

how cool is this! i love it. i can't wait to explore this list. neat.

Bevan said...

Lowes Motor Speedway baby! They take you in a van and drive you araound the oval. I can't waitto see how fast we get to take each turn!