Thursday, June 14, 2007

Goodbye 2nd grade

Finally, today was the last day of school. It was a great day and of course a big event in our house.
The group going to school on the first day!
and today one year older!
we have been so lucky to have such a great big group for her to walk to school with each day.

she wore her annual end of the day t-shirt

and came home with lots of signatures. I guess the hip this this year to write is
HAGS - have a great summer

we passed out lots of gumball jars

and if you ever wonder who is buying those cheesy figurines at the dollar store. that would be me. that make great friend gifts. Annie Kate gave her best friend this one.

her last lunch as a 2nd grader, with a note from mom and dad to come home and find something on her bed.
i put a little end of the year gift on her bed awaiting her arrival.
i finally gave in and bought her a webkinz. stores can't even keep them in here. she is a huge frog fan, so was quite excited. Is anyone elses kids into webkinz?
all that was left in her desk. she used the same pencil all year and now it is a stub!
In traditional last day of school style she got sprayed with silly string and streamers. We took the kids out to lunch and had a little marble slab. It was a great year and I was proud of AK for her transition to a new school.


denise b said...

love the shirt idea. our last day is next thursday, maybe i'll borrow your idea.

webkins are huge here but i haven't given in as of yet. maybe i'll have to steal that idea as well - i'm sure she loved coming home and finding such a fun tresure on her bed.

Rachel said...

Way to make the day EXTRA special! Love the before and after shot of the kids! And the little gift for Annie Kate is a nice touch. :)

carlo said...

awesome ideas, as always.

both of my girls have webkins, courtesy of their nonna. they love them, needless to say.

Shauna said...

Great ideas! Webkinz are the rage here. I hit the motherlode and have about 50 for sale.

mimi said...

What a wonderful last day of school! Annie Kate, you look so grown up. It looks like some of your friends grew a lot since the first day of school. What a great Mom you have for making life so fun!

Barb said...

I'm going to have to tell Carmen and Chloe about HAGS for their friends to write on their shirts. For some reason that is really hitting my funny bone.
We've got a couple of webkinz in the house - prepare yourself for some new competition from Annie Kate to use the home computer!

andrea said...

Happy Last day of School! Ours is tomorrow. My son had a memory book for everyone to sign and the common theme was CU@Chase (his middle school next year).

Thanks again for all the great ideas.

Ryann said...

Kristi- I was so excited to see your response to my comment. Thanks! I don't have a blog yet, but my husband's family has a family one we all contribute to, the-bayless-family. By the way, saw your gumball idea a few weeks ago and did them for my boys' teachers. They of course LOVED them. You are the coolest!

Webb Family said...

wow, I'm from Arizona and we have been out of school since the end of May so it seems weird to think about school. You are such a super mom! Thanks for all the cute ideas.

Laura Huston said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your ideas!!
I bet everyone will want to be in AK's class next year because of her COOL mom!
(Or at least the teacher's will want her- $150..sweet!)

LaNan said...

My little girl Alayna LOVES frogs too! Your ideas are too cute. I totally copied the t-shirt idea for her. Thanks!

Holly said...

Thanks for sharing more fantastic ideas! I will squirrel them away for the future. The shirt idea is so cute and a great keepsake.

I also like the idea of putting a note in her lunchbox and then a treat (great frog BTW)in her room--what fun!

Also glad to know that the $ store figurines are finding homes--that's so sweet. :)
Wonderful memories!

Amie said...

You are so fun! Why is all that I see the time? I need some time management skills.

I love to see the fun stuff you are doing and especially loved the book for the teacher. So sweet!

Jenmomof4 said...

s love Webkinz!!! They have a ton since that is what they told their friends they wanted for their birthday.

We can't find them around here so I had my friend mail me some from AL. I know have a stash for gifts.

I love the T-shirt idea!!

Marie said...

I don't even know what a Webkins is!

Love your magic school bus idea. Carter is starting pre-school in the fall and I think we will leave out his backpack the night before to see what the magic school bus will bring him.

lisa h. said...

I love that y'all celebrate everything! i wish i was better with stuff like that! good job!

Cristin said...

It looks like EVERYTHING was very special!

We do a 'last day of school' shirt too (until they hit 5th grade)! Ours usually say something like "Thank you Mrs._____ for a great year! The teachers love them...and get a kick out of showing them around...It really is a fun tradition, and just one more little way to say THANK YOU!

I love the book idea, and that you gave a copy to the principal...that was such a great idea!

Oh, I used your gumball idea during teacher appreciation week, thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

I think you should do freelance work for Family Fun Magazine. Your ideas and projects are so fabulous and well done. I'm serious.

Bridget said...

We love Webkinz around here. I think they are wonderful! Those holdouts-try and find one, your kids will really enjoy them.

michelle said...

As usual, you are so out of control! such a fun mom. I have never heard of webkinz, but I guess I'm a bit out of it. LOVE the idea of having a fun little gift on their bed at the end of the last day!

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