Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Super Feet

I went into Fleet Feet the other day to get a pair of Super Feet. The salesman did a great job of convincing me to try on some different shoes. I have been wearing Brooks for a few years and she had me try on some New Balance shoes. Oh my what a difference. They were awesome shoes and of course the most expensive in the store. I have been trying to really teach myself how to run lately and am feeling the pain. I did 7.2 miles on Monday... wow! It is exciting to even type that number.
So they didn't have my "11.5" size, which is the yardage I give away for any ribbon winnings. One of my feet measure 9 1/2 so wearing that big of shoe is still kind of weird for me. So I had them special ordered.
The store owner called me today to say they don't make the shoe in a 11.5 but they make it in a 12! What a 12!! I am totally over the fact what a running shoe's size is or color and just want comfort but I don't know if I can wear a 12 - I think it is going to be too sloshy in the heel, but he says to give it a try.
So, the ribbon winnings may be going up half a yard.

*** and my blog header disappeared so i am in attempts to make a new one. the one right now is driving me crazy - but will have to do until I have more time to work on it. Anyone have any great ideas of what I could use as "Everything Pink" banner?


Michelle A. said...

I really liked the clipart you had made or found for the "goodmail tree" you created awhile ago. It was pink with some children playing under it. Good Luck!

Anne said...

Kristi, 7.2 miles?! You're putting me to shame!! I wear New Balances and have been happy with them thus far. I wish they were a tad cuter though, they're blue, white and blah. I hope your new shoes work out for you! What are these Super Feet? Will they make me run faster? I should check them out ;)

I can't help you out with the header, I'm not creative like that, but you definitely have some uber-creative readers, you're bound to get some good ideas.

A. Buchanan said...

yeah if you need my sweet photo shop skills let me know. Lisa is running a lot too, come to the PC half marathon in August! Woo hoo!

Holly said...

Woo Hoo for the 7.2!! Good for you!(I guess I made up a rhyme)
Every brand of running shoe is sized differently, don't feel weird about the number. If they feel sloshy by all means take them back. You don't want blisters or any other problems. Have you ever tried Mizuno? They are my fave.

Kari said...

Take a DC picture with your cute girls in it, maybe with some pink flowers in the pic also and use that as your header!

Amie said...

I've always wondered where the 11.5 comes from. Now I know.

You are running?! I wish I could get on the self inflicted torture bandwagon.

annalisa said...

Hooray for running. 7.2, that's something to celebrate, maybe with an extra delicious treat. The first time I ran any distance was 8 miles, with a walking break every 8 minutes, and afterwards I could barely walk. I still can't run more than 6 without walking breaks. It definitely takes some getting used to. And the right shoe can make all the distance. I had New Balances for my last shoes and I loved them. Good luck with the running! And with your banner. I know you are way more creative than most of us and will think of something so cute.

andrea said...

My mom swears by New Balance. She has very narrow feet and they come in so many different widths.

andrea said...

P.S. I gave Emma's teacher your end of school year gift today and she loved it. Thanks for sharing.

kristi brooke said...

in case i misrepresented myself, I did not run the entire 7.2 miles - most but not all. I am not near as cool as the post may have made me sound.

kristi brooke said...

anne. the super feet are inserts to put in your shoe. they are probably for whimpy people like me looking for any way for running not to hurt and will pay any amount of money not to do so. (they are $30), i had them a few years ago and they kept my feet from slomping off on the sides, i have a huge pronating (spelling?) problem and it seemed to help. and since i want to stick my sore feet in a bucket of ice every day i am looking for any pain free solution i can find.

Rebekah said...

Yeesh, my regular shoe size is an 11, who knows what kind of shoe size I'd half to wear if, and that's a big if, I started running!

7.2 miles is a serious accomplishment! I have a friend who runs marathons and the first run she ever took was around her block just one time. Doing 7.2 miles makes you a runner in my book.

What kind of banner are you looking for? Something vibrant, something cute-ish, something glamour chic-ish? Not that I can make it for you...:)

Marie said...

You don't like your new banner? When I logged on my first thought was, "Oh, cute new banner." I like it.

kristi brooke said...

marie - see what a perfectionist I am? oh the madness.

Jill said...

Did you run the 7.2 miles? I thought you were power walking? You're freaking me out, but I'm so impressed with your exercising.

Comfortable if better than cute, especially in running shoes!

I'm sure you'll come up with another one of your genius ideas for a new banner. What about photos of some of your very cute pink things, project, clothing, kids etc?

Jo Anne said...

Hello, I just clicked over from my daughter Andrea's blog. I hope you like your New Balance shoes. I just got a new pair for myself: These are my everyday shoes. Don't worry about the size, I wear a half size larger in New Balance than otherwise. If you go to, they have tips on different ways of lacing to overcome certain problems. May I also suggest that you see a podiatrist? Custom orthotics can make a huge difference and dispell many aches and pains. Congratulations on your run.

Angie said...

7.2 miles! Oh my, I couldn't walk after that. I have gone 10 miles in one day but split up between 3 seperate times. That is quite an accomplishment.

I have been looking at New Balance shoes, too. Greg(and other docs) send alot of patients to New Balance to get shoes. They say they are the best. I am in desperate need of a new pair of running shoes.

I'm sure you will come up with something perfect for your banner. They always look fabulous.

FancyPantsMom said...

Both my sister and brother, who each have largeflat feet, refuse to wear shoes without Superfeet in them. They swear by them! 7.2 miles!-I got 20 minutes of cardio this morning and was feeling pretty good about myself.....

Rachel & Ryan said...

way to RUN! I am the worst at long distance running, what is your secret? I am loving the new banner. I think you should keep it!

Barb said...

So, about your header. I really don't have an idea for you, but your question did make me think about the title to your blog in general and how appropriate it is for you. I see your blog as life through *rose colored glasses* - very positive, focusing on the good, the joy, and the fun. When you look at life through rose colored glasses everything is pink!

lisa h. said...

new balance do run kinda that should make you feel better!

i have them for aerobics.

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