Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jill's good mail giveaway (don't miss it) got me in the good mail mood. So today I sent
  • a box of Gogurt
  • A box of Apple Jacks
  • A box of wheat things
  • A box of Little Einsteins cereal
  • A large bag of M&M's
  • A box of Popsicles
  • A box of brown sugar
  • A box of energy drinks
  • A box of frozen waffles
Ok so the contents are out of the box and filled with other treasures. My poor post office they actually don't like me very much when I walk in with such packaging.
good mail is oh so fun to send!
... and my daughter thinks I don't recycle... HA!


Tasha said...

I did not know they made Little Einstein Cereal. I'll have to look for it!

I sent a package in the box that my diffuser for my blowdryer came in. The lady just laughed. My old PO would get pretty irked when I even re-used envelopes..

That is totally recycling! You reduced, reused and recycled all in one!

Holly said...

So, you can just label it and send it as is? No brown paper wrapping? If so, and it ships well, then I'm saving my Cheerios boxes! Any tips about shipping items this way? Thanks!

I'll spread your creative recycling in TX. :)

Anonymous said...

oh now that is fun. just pure fun!

i love to think about the look on the faces of the post office employees but the faces of the recipients even more! so good.

i finally got a few items out today and with no wait at the PO -- bonus!


kristi said...

tasha - i have only found it at the commissary and it is like $.99 a box so because I am cheaper than I am healthy it always finds it's way to my basket.

Holly - i am not sure if it is ok to do it, but i have been sending crazy packaging since I was a freshman in college and nothing has yet to come back. my only tips are just use the sturdiest boxes. cereal boxes are the best. I just can't throw any box away because I always think I could fill this thing up with something fun and send it. And if you keep it under 16 oz - you can send them first class so each box was only about $1.60 - $2.50 to send. it is a great deal.

sec said...

Great idea about saving the boxes. One more thing to drive good old Herb up the wall! It would then be a good idea to use them creatively as you do-------

Melinda said...

That is one fun bunch of stuff you sent out!

All the pictures of your trip are just so great. YOu can tell you had such a good time!

melanie said...

Love your recycling projects. If I were a postal worker, I would smile. So much happier than a regular box. Why would it be annoying?

Jill said...

I think it's so funny that you send your good mail this way, it's so clever.

That's a whole lot of goodness being sent out, you must have been giddy on the way home!

Tip Junkie said...

Too cute and very efficient!

pjmesser said...

I just love the creative idea of using these boxes. How fun to send & recieve! Great ideas always come from this blog!! I love it.

Claudissima said...

that is funny..i love boxes too and often think...what would this be good for?

Anonymous said...

I loved getting my Triscut box in the mail. It feels so whimsical and silly. I need to remember to do this for Christmas.

michelle said...

That is some creative recycling for sure! I thought you had to wrap it in brown paper as well. Like Melanie, I would think you would brighten the day of those sour postal workers...

I am cheaper than I am healthy, too. Hee!

Amanda :-) said...

Some clever so-and-so will start producing wrapping paper that looks like a cereal box. You mark my words! They will charge stupid-money for it, claim it's printed on recycled paper and it's therefore saving the planet.

So as soon as I see a crazy gimmick like that, I'm going to jump up and say 'Kristi did this FIRST, the PROPER way!'

Top marks on all the energy it took to package everything up!

Barb said...

I was amazed at how much ribbon will fit in a little fruit snacks box. I was so excited to get birthday ribbon from you. Ken looked at me and said, "I don't get it. Must be a girl thing"