Friday, November 16, 2007

This morning I got up and my mind said "let's go running" and my body said "no way" It was 40 degrees, but felt like 33 - with a wicked wind.
I just got my rain guard for the jogger yesterday which was perfect timing because the wind was blowing so hard the girls would have been frozen.
So my body didn't listen to one thing my mind was saying. My body sauntered through the neighborhood and my mind was racing as it usually does. We went to Whole Foods and paid way too much for chocolate milk and fruit. (sorry whole foods i love you but you are killing my wallet)
After 2.5 miles of pushing my sleigh through the wind I called it quits. The colors are so beautiful and it just felt so good to be outside. I feel like i have come a long way to go just two miles and come home and not feel like I didn't do enough and just be grateful what I did do. Since Running for me is so much more mental than physical, I am constantly amazed at what things I learn while doing it. I am looking forward to it becoming more physical then i might be able to run faster than everyone's grandma - so for now I will be happy with slow but consistent.
I can't believe i am putting a photo of my thigh on here, but had to document my need for running tights - i have not run in the winter yet so this will be interesting to see if i keep it up.

my garmin, which is really Jeff's on the jogger

When Jeff goes running downtown in the morning he takes the cool running gloves and hat - note to self, running in angora wool hat is lame, remind Santa these are on my list.


michelle said...

I am loving how much you are into your running now, how much it does for you mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Way to go Kristi and girls!!

Melinda said...

Good for you for going especially in the cold! Yikes that is cold weather. I am able to do so much thinking when I am running. Keep up the good work.

crystal said...

I think that's why I feel a compulsive need to run...b/c it is indeed a mental exercise, as well as a physical one! Don't you think it's a meditation?

I'm a slow (VERY slow) but consistent runner too! Welcome to the ranks. That's the kind of runner, though, who'll be running 'til she's 82. :)

Your thigh is skinny-minney! Lucky.

I'd love it if you posted what gear you ended up with. I'm in a cold-weather quandry, as far as clothing.

Barb said...

Nice attitude check on being grateful for what you did do, and I like the "two" caption that matches your awesome green coat.

Jill said...

I love your running gear, and your thigh looks marvelous! I think all sports are more mental than physical, so that makes me feel like a mental weakling!

Amanda :-) said...

Amazing dedication! How are you coping with your fibromyalgia (spelling??) - does that not bother your running? Seems not, so all is good!