Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Blessed Christmas Sunday

today I am blessed because:

all my kids have coats to wear to church because it was freezing!

we got to drive past this house downtown, my kids thought it was great - the photo does not even do it justice to how decked out it is.
blessed that Anne came to our church to hear Annie Kate sing the closing solo in the Christmas program. It meant a lot to Annie Kate and me!
blessed because someone lugged their harp to church
and played it for the Christmas program today.

blessed that Michelle sent me some of her incredible tags and
I used them for the gift bags we gave to the Primary teachers today for Christmas
I am blessed because this song was sung for the Christmas program and I had never heard it before. It was awesome! I came home and bought it off itunes. (i bought a little more jazzy version from The Blenders)
Lyrics below.
By David Meece

One small child in a land of a thousand
One small dream of a Savior tonight
One small hand reaching out to the starlight
One small city of life

One king bringing his gold and his riches
One king ruling an army of might
One king kneeling with incense and candlelight
One King bringing us life

See him lying, a cradle beneath him
See him smiling in the stall
See his mother praising his father
See his tiny eyelids fall

One small light from the flame of a candle
one small light from a city of might
one small light from the stars in the endless night
one small light from a face

See the shepherds kneeling before him
See the kings on bended knee
See his mother praising his Father
See the Blessed Infant sleep.

One small child in a land of a thousand
One small dream in a people of might
One small hand reaching out to the starlight
One small Savior of life
I am blessed because Annie Kate was asked to sing Silent Night to finish the Christmas program. She is a young girl with a young voice. She may have got my singing voice (which is not good) to start off her life with, but I have every bit of faith she will become a beautiful singer someday like her Dad. She was so nervous. She only practiced with a piano once when we got to church. She started the song, "Holy Night, Silent Night" (it reminded me of when she swam at the championship swim meet this summer and started swimming breast stroke for the butterfly) She caught her mistake but just kept on singing!
What was so awesome about today is that her primary class in her local ward came to hear her sing! (they happen to be all boys and she loves these guys so much) Their cub scout troop was coming to our ward to put on the entire sharing time, music and all. When they found out Annie Kate was singing they decided to come early for the program. That meant these boys went to church today for 6 hours and drove 2 hours.
Caroline is the one that noticed them in the back and said "Mom it is Eli" I turned around and the tears just ran down my face. I could not believe it.
Blessed to hear ne boy played the piano, one played the violin. They read a story, made cards and an awesome craft out some hardware from Lowe's.
Here is the finished ornament.
I was blessed to see Sally Jane run in the door to hang it on the tree

I was blessed because Anne brought her famous chocolate chip cookies with Andes Mint chips in a cute tin. Note only one cookie left by the time we got home to take a photo. They are so yum!

Blessed to see the Young Women in our congregation (ages 12-18) looking like super models today. (photo from Shabby Apple website) They all had new dresses from Shabby Apple. The company sent our ward a box of samples for the girls for Christmas! Seriously can you believe it? So generous and the girls were so excited. One of the girls had this exact dress on and it was beautiful and so was she!
I was blessed to get this CD from my friend and primary president and to find out it is her CD. I never even knew! How does one with so much talent not shout it from the roof tops.
If I had a CD it would be the first thing out of my mouth when one would meet me. It is a great CD.Blessed because Pat Bagley, the author of I spy a Nephite and editorial cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune, sent a copy of his book to everyone of the children at Church. The kids were thrilled. The kids instantly sat in the spot they were standing in and started flipping the pages.
blessed to see one of the sweetest ladies in the ward walk to church with her basket on wheels full, i mean full of Christmas presents for every child at church. They were all wrapped. She does not have very much but is ALWAYS giving to the children. She is the one who gave Jeff three dollar bills our first Sunday so we could take the girls out for a Soda. Would you ever think of going to buy a gift for all the children in your church? This woman is incredible.

blessed because our friend the bread maker gave us a loaf of his bread for Christmas. It is hands down the best bread I have ever had. He was a baker to put himself through law school - Annie Kate kept digging out of the middle of it on the way home. We had it tonight with Chili.

It was a blessed Sunday!


melanie said...

Kristi, What a fabulous post! I love every blessing you listed. How were you able to get so much donated to your kids? I think it's awesome that so many are willing to give right now. I kept getting goose bumps reading this.

Your girls look adorable ready for church. I'm glad they had coats too!

I love that AK just kept on going after she started her song. Such confidence in a such a sweet girl. I would have cried seeing her class from the other ward too.

pjmesser said...

this post brought tears to my eyes. What a blessed Sunday- thanks for sharing!

crystal said...

Kristi, your Sunay posts always make me cry. :)

Rachel said...

What beautiful blessings! The girls look gorgeous in their Christmas dresses and I think it's so cool Anne came for Annie Kate's solo! What generousity from Shabby Apple, Pat, Bagley, the basket on wheels woman...inspiring!

Jill said...

Your Sunday posts are always wonderful, and congratulations on getting to sit down to type this up today!

Congrats to Annie Kate for singing her first solo, wow. It's so amazing that the boys from your home ward came to see her.

I'm sure all these magical Christmas sponsor are your doing, way to go!!

Jill said...

P.S. What is that 2007 Christmas sign on your house? That's cool.

Claudissima said...

oh my gosh, I am sooo blessed to know you...what wonderful know kristi from going to the branch for 7 years almost...I can only tell you how blessed the members really are to have families like yours to go to these places and show them the gospel by living it and example. A lot of these branches do not know what a real ward the church really functions...and many of them do not even have all the blessings of regular wards...starting with budgets and what not..activities, camping, efy...or those programs where they get to go with the youth...etc., etc., so thank you thank you a million for all the blessings you and families like you bring to all those almost convert branches of good tidings and joy of membership in the gospel. So amazing to see how much you think they grow from your example...and they do...but more astonished to know how blessed and surprised YOU are at the end of all this to know that you did not know you could grow so much more than you already have...and you do have a talent of not having to wait and look back in hinsight...but truly being grateful and stretchful of your progress....blessed friend.

deidra said...

I love the Christmas sign, too!

Your ward is so blessed because of the hard work and dedication you exert on their behalf. Talk about magnifying your calling. I think I can say for everyone that you inspire us to give a little bit more of ourselves (this time of the year, and all the time).

Mindy said...

wish I could have been there to hear Annie Kate sing. I love that you posted all your blessings for today---great blog! Love you!

RoRo said...

What a wonderful, magical christmas sunday! I can only imagine it sounds like miracles everywhere! And Annie Kate is amazing to sing a solo (I love to sing but only in choirs!) I bet it was beautiful.

Kristen said...

Oh I agree, such a great post!

I died when I saw your girls in their Christmas dresses, so beautiful!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...


Neighbor Jane Payne said...


Neighbor Jane Payne said...


Liz said...

Your Sunday sounds so wonderful!! We didn't have church yesterday as we had a huge ice storm and the roads were not safe. We did have a special Stake Musical Christmas Program which I was in, so we were able to feel the spirit there.

I am so amazed at all the GIVING going on for the people in your ward! Dresses and books! What a great example of charity. I am really moved by this. Thanks for sharing once again!

Liz said...

P.S. Isn't that song fabulous??!!! I was able to sing that song several years ago, and it is just beautiful!

Missy said...

Wow! How uplifting! Soooo many blessings!
Thank you for sharing!

Traci said...

What a wonderful Sunday post. We wee unable to have church due to the weather of ice, snow and sleet. So hopefully next week so I can give the primary kids and teachers their gifts. I sooooo love the ornaments your primary made, way cute! I need to make me some of those.
How nice of companies donating to your church. I bet the YW did look wonderful i n their new dresses too! Thanks for sharing your great day with us!

michelle said...

Tears. So many beautiful blessings!

Erin said...

OH, I just love this post. Thank you for sharing such important blessings with us. It helps me remember my blessings and also the ability I have of blessing others. YOu are awesome, and I hope you are feeling better. PS, I just registered for a 1/2 marathon. Can you belive it? Maybe someday I'll be a marathon mommy like you!

carlo said...

what blessings indeed. WOW. i have goosebumps and tears and i am so thrilled for your ward to have you looking after them, learning with them, growing together.


it is all i can muster at this point.

Dina C said...

I love your Sunday posts!! You should send a story to the Ensign.

Jen said...

LOVED this post- LOVED it. :)

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

i just got me a shabby apple dress too! my friend (emily mccormick) stared the dress line with her friend...can you believe that, just said hey i'll fly to CA and start a clothing line! she is very fashionable as you can tell!! they live kinda near you now in VA. small world!