Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas does amazing things...

It makes everyone more generous and always looking for some way to give. This is apparent by this weeks giveaway. (although I think this is just Cynthia Jan's style all year long) In true Oparaesque style she has given 5 Do it yourself Family trees.

Here are the winners. If you won, congrats and email her at to claim your prize. When you get it take a minute to share your finished product on your blog and show off your winnings. You will be so excited when you see that large envelope on your front step.

I also realized that I never answer my own questions to my blog giveaways, so here is my answer to how I honor my family.

We come from a long line of family members who have been members of our church. One of the first things we got asked we when we started to go to church downtown was "How long have you been a member of the church" the shock on faces when we said our whole lives. Jeff than explained to one boy that our parents and grandparents were also members. One boy said, "that is awesome" He had been a member for 3 months. He comes from a very tough situation at home. He is a true pioneer in making changes in his life that will affect his children and their children. I wish I could help the youth downtown understand what wonderful consequences will bless the lives of posterity by making good choices, just like my life has been blessed. So just like my Mom and Dad took me to church every Sunday, I will take my children and teach them what some of my ancestors died for. It is my way of honoring my family.

thank you Cynthia Jan. Like I said before you creations are not only pleasing to the eye but also to the heart!

from Cynthia Jan
Winner #1 Liz - Video taping special memories and testimonies from grandparents. This would be great to do for families of all ages, including children. It is so wonderful to hear the testimonies of those who (grandparents) have been through so much of life's challenges.

Winner #2 Anjanette - Coming up with a book of questions from grandchildren for grandparents. This is a fun idea, since children would think of those sweet and simple questions that could open the door to a flood of memories for a grandparent to share.

Winner #3 Elizabeth - Exchanging gifts all about her great grandma. This is a terrific idea! Each family would have to learn more about that grandparent before creating that perfect gift - a great family tradition and a great way to learn more about an ancestor.

Winner #4 Elisa - Creating a family value book. This idea really got me thinking about how I see very distinct values in each of my parents and grandparents. They each seemed to emulate one particular value strongly.

Winner #5 Missy - I can't resist picking Missy who reminds us to be passing on interesting stories about our ancestors. It sounds like Missy comes from a line of hard working women, not mention entrepreneurial women - love that!


Missy said...

Wow! I cannot believe I am a winner! How cool is this?! I am so excited! Yippee!
Thanks so much!!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow is right. I am so excited that this is the first thing I have ever one. I know it will become a treasured family keepsake. Thanks!

Liz said...

Oh Thank you sooo much! I have been having one of "those" days, and was sitting here feeling sorry for myself and trying not to be too mad that my 5 year old spilled hot chocolate all over herself and the carpet, and that my 2 year old just smashed a glass jar all over the carpet in my office. SO this was truly a nice surprise! I am really excited to have such a beautiful treasure! Thank you again!

Elisa said...

Hooray Hooray Hooray!!

michelle said...

This is wonderful! I love the idea of having a beautiful family tree that can double as a way to honor our ancestors and a work of art. Lovely.

Claudissima said...

those trees are amazing, i was just admiring your post about it, and thinking gosh I never win was days and days ago...she does wonders with those trees doesn't

Jill said...

How generous and wonderful, congrats to all the winners.

I'm glad you answered your own question, you always need to do that.